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Our Drivers are Our #1 Asset (Part 2)

Mar 23, 2023 | Truck Drivers

Our professional drivers are a vital part of our work to Keep America Moving®. Building on our first blog, we highlight some of the resources we provide to help support our drivers’ lives on and off the road. To ensure continued success for these individuals, we offer high-quality equipment, technology and opportunities that support health, wellness and work-life balance.

Equipping Our Drivers with Quality Equipment and Technology

We help keep our professional drivers safe by ensuring their equipment is high quality. Our average fleet age is around 2.5 years, allowing our workforce to have the most up-to-date technology. This ensures our drivers continually can access the tools and resources needed to succeed.

From maintenance alerts and trip workflows to dashboard cameras and the Driver Werner Pro (DWP) app, technological advances positively impact our professional drivers and make the workday easier. Ensuring our drivers understand proper usage of these assets makes or breaks the experience. This is why we regularly provide continued education and coaching opportunities.

In addition, our terminal network ensures drivers have a friendly, efficient terminal experience while getting their equipment serviced. With EDGE Connect and the Drive Werner Pro app, drivers are only one click away from getting the information they need and one call away from a friendly voice to help them when they are away from their families working on the road.

Prioritizing Driver Health and Wellness

Driving requires skill and attention to safety. Through Werner’s Wellness programs, we ensure our professional drivers are well-rested and physically and mentally ready. This is crucial to preparing for the day, helping to maintain a safe road for them and the motoring public. Our programs introduce good practices for drivers, including more nutritional eating practices, exercising while on the road, and staying connected with friends and family for mental support.

Good health is crucial for our professional drivers to ensure they live the quality of lifestyle they want, but also is a requirement to maintain their Class A driver’s license. Supporting a healthy driver workforce also helps ensure our drivers can continue to do the jobs they love and are not hindered by any barriers.

Options That Support Drivers’ Work-Life Balance

We constantly evolve our policies to protect the work/life balance for drivers and listen to their needs. We strive to place drivers on accounts that will accommodate their home time needs, including increasing the number of drivers who make it home daily. There are options for all types of drivers, including those who want to go the distance and travel throughout the United States.

We understand that every driver’s work/life balance is different, and we make sure we include options for everyone. We know the importance of family, including the four-legged variety. That’s why we also have rider and pet-friendly policies to help our drivers bring a piece of home with them when appropriate.

We continue evaluating our network and creating more engineered solutions, so our drivers maintain a good work/life balance. We also look to work with new customers who value our professional drivers and join us in supporting their needs.

Our drivers are the lifeblood of our company. These team members keep things rolling and continue delivering goods across America safely and efficiently.

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