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Truck Driver Training

Truck Driver Training

Learn more about obtaining a Class A CDL and apply for training at one of our Roadmaster Drivers School locations or other partner schools.

Truck Driver Training

CDL Training

To become a professional truck driver, you must first acquire your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). A Class A CDL is the most common type of professional driver’s license for those working in the truck driving field. By attending truck driving school, you can sharpen your skills and ensure you are truly prepared to drive trucks as a professional.

Take the following steps to earn your CDL:

Find Truck Driving Schools: The first step is to attend a truck driving school. Doing so will help prepare you to get your Class A CDL driver’s license in a few weeks. Fill out this form to find the closest CDL training school to you.

Get Hands-On Experience: Gaining hands-on experience is one of the top things you must do to prepare for a career in truck driving and is offered by many truck driving schools.

Onboarding and Advancement: Once you earn your Class A CDL, Werner provides additional training and onboarding to teach more advanced techniques for the road ahead.

Get Started

Take the next step and begin your rewarding career as a professional truck driver today. Learn more about Roadmaster Drivers School or other partner schools in your area.

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Truck Driving School

There are a wide variety of CDL schools that can help educate and train potential drivers on the knowledge and skills they need to earn a Class A CDL. On average, the training takes about four weeks. However, someone with zero experience should complete at least 180 hours of training.

Potential drivers should choose a school with a proven record and a mix of classroom, hands-on learning and in-truck practice to get the experience you need for success.

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Roadmaster Drivers School

Roadmaster’s CDL Training Program provides students with the skills to get a Class A CDL license and become eligible for entry-level commercial driver positions. Train with Roadmaster and receive the following: 

  • Hands-on driving experience
  • Pre-Trip inspection training
  • Turning, backing, and unhooking instruction
  • Map reading, trip planning, and compliance

The Roadmaster Advantage

Beyond driving skills, enrolling with a Roadmaster Drivers School will provide you with the following benefits:

Financial assistance via in-house financing

Top-notch facilities & equipment

Multiple training sites

Job placement assistance

Start Your Driving Career

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