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Our People Drive Us

At Werner, we believe “Average is for Other People.” This internal mantra highlights our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We have built a best-in-class team of drivers, associates, leaders and more to keep us one step ahead in an ever-changing industry. 

Working at Werner

We are driven by a people-centric culture of safety, innovation and superior service led by experienced leadership. Our team thrives by putting honesty, integrity and accountability at the forefront of our operations. Werner invests in emerging talent, technologies and companies to identify new solutions and opportunities.

If you’re looking to start your career in transportation and logistics or for a job that will take you the long haul, look no further than Werner. Whether in the office or behind the wheel, we have a wide range of opportunities for a fulfilling and long-lasting career.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values guide the framework of our strategies, decisions and behavior within our company’s innovative culture. Integrity is the principal foundation of our practices as we continue our steadfast workforce commitment to honesty and accountability. Safety and service form our values, representing what our company stands for while we continue to deliver an exceptional service experience, and we’ve adopted the approach that nothing is worth getting hurt or harming others.

Our service framework is built on the pillars of: Inclusion, Community, Innovation and Leadership. We live our values everyday while upholding our Purpose Statement of delivering world-class supply chain solutions to the global marketplace responsibly and safely while exceeding the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and associates.

Find Your Path

Explore our opportunities and discover the right career path for you.
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Professional Drivers

The backbone of Werner and our nation, professional drivers have a road of opportunities ahead with our innovative supply chain solutions, investments in technology and diverse operations.

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Office, Sales & Management

Empowered by experienced leaders, our office associates are committed to excellence and superior service. Every management team aspires to be best-in-class while leading durable and consistent operations.

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Fleet Maintenance

We have a large company-owned truck and trailer fleet to support all customers, big and small. This team helps us maintain the age of our industry-leading fleet while exploring and integrating emerging technologies.

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Innovation & Technology

Werner is driven by innovation, with a commitment to advancing digitization and technology capabilities to drive efficiency, accuracy and advantages. We invest in our talent to drive our culture of innovation forward.

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