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Milestones in Motion: Werner Drivers Lead the Pack in 2023 Safety Achievements

Jan 12, 2024 | Truck Drivers

We regularly talk about our ongoing commitment to safety and the extensive training Werner drivers undergo, but we also love to highlight the extraordinary safety achievements of our professional driver team.

Although onboard trucking technology is revolutionizing driver safety, a safe road for all still relies on the skillset of the more than 3.5 million active professional drivers on the road today. That is why we place such high value on these safe mile milestones. Every safe mile and every safe trip add up to a safer roadway for professional drivers and general motorists alike.

As we look back to 2023, we’d like to highlight some of our drivers’ recent accomplishments, starting with the 95 professional drivers who achieved their million-mile safety milestone last year. To become a million miler, these individuals must accomplish the rare feat of driving at least 1 million accident-free miles.

Additional 2023 million-mile achievements for Werner’s active fleet of professional drivers include:

  • 636 drivers with one or more million accident-free miles;
  • 157 drivers with two or more million accident-free miles;
  • 30 drivers with three or more million accident-free miles;
  • 6 drivers with four or more million accident-free miles

In addition, Tim Dean became the second-ever Werner driver to reach 5 million accident-free miles in 2023. We look forward to the day more Werner drivers join these ranks!

Werner’s Million Miler Legacy
Through the Werner Million Mile Drivers program, which launched in 2005, we offer several incentives and honors to our professional drivers who achieve these remarkable, million-mile milestones. This includes truck driver pay rewards, a new truck with personalized amenities, Million Mile Driver door decals and patches, and more. Once a driver reaches a new million-mile milestone, their name is placed on the Recognition Wall at Werner Park, a Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals located in Omaha, Neb., and at various terminal locations.

Since the company’s founding, more than 2,207 drivers have driven one million or more accident-free miles.

Werner’s 2023 Safety Innovations
To help make sure all Werner drivers are best equipped for safe driving, Werner continues to invest in in new technology to keep everyone on the road safe. In 2023 this included:

  • Using enhanced forward-facing video capture technology to assist with analyzing driving events, driver coaching and accolades
  • Purchasing 1,000 backup cameras for use on accounts with challenging close-quarter maneuvering
  • Continuously upgrading driving simulators, providing realistic training for our driver associates in a virtual environment
  • Equipping new trucks with passenger-side blind spot detectors
  • Installing amber pulsating brake lights, grabbing the attention of motorists

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