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Our Drivers Are Our #1 Asset

Feb 23, 2023 | Truck Drivers

Here at Werner, we couldn’t do what we do without our professional drivers. They work tirelessly on the road every day to keep the supply chain moving and ensure our customers get their freight on time, all while keeping safety front of mind.  They are our no. 1 asset.

In return, Werner takes pride in our efforts to provide professional drivers with an industry-leading experience on and off the road. We offer the best in talent, trucks, trailers and tech while providing access to a wealth of resources and opportunities that support physical and mental health.

Ensuring Our Drivers Have the Right Equipment
One way we help keep our drivers safe and connected is through our EDGE Connect telematics device. This technology allows for seamless communication with the various teams at Werner, including their transportation teams, who provide coaching and resources.

In addition, we make sure our drivers are equipped with the latest trucks and safety equipment. Our average fleet age is between three and four years. We are always on the lookout for additional technology investments that can further the safety of our drivers. This includes lane departure, collision mitigation tech and electronic stability control (ESC) systems.

Equipping Our Drivers with Safety Knowledge
Driving and freight delivery requires a specific level of skill and safety to be successful. Continuous skills enhancement is vital in servicing our customers and ensuring our drivers succeed and progress with their careers. This can include micro-trainings on topics like trailer care or winter weather prep.

Additionally, we ensure our drivers have regular access to safety training and coaching. Our new front-facing Samsara cameras will help our associates and professional drivers during coaching conversations. The HD footage lets associates and drivers see exactly what’s being discussed during the session.

Prioritizing Driver Health and Work-Life Balance
Supporting the mental and physical well-being of our drivers is also important. Long stretches behind the wheel and time spent away from friends and family can be hard on the body and the mind.

To encourage our drivers to practice healthy habits, on the road and off, we provide access to various helpful resources, including health challenges through our Drive Werner Pro app and videos from Workday learning. Even the most minor changes in routine can have a significant impact on overall health.

With this in mind, Werner offers more than 200 accounts with various time off options to accommodate our drivers’ wide range of time-at-home preferences.

Our drivers help to ensure we achieve the success our clients have come to expect from us. They are the team members on the ground, keeping things rolling and meeting delivery deadlines – rain or shine. Because of this, we’ll continue to go the extra mile for them while they Keep America Moving®.

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