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Trucking with a Pet | Top 5 Tips

Aug 5, 2022 | Truck Drivers

Being a professional truck driver is filled with adventure and the opportunity to travel every day in a job that makes a difference. While there are many rewarding benefits to a driving career, life on the road can get a bit lonely unless you drive in a team or have someone to ride along with you. 

A solution? Find a pet-friendly company that allows you to take your pet on the road! Werner Enterprises encourages drivers to take advantage of our excellent pet policy. Each of our professional drivers can have one dog or cat in their truck, and size and weight do not matter. A pet can be the perfect traveling companion for keeping you company on the road, but you will want to make sure you are prepared for your four-legged furry passenger to be on board. 

We sat down with Werner professional driver, Jennifer, who has more than 18 years of experience on the road with her German Shepherds, for some expert tips about taking your pet on the road. She and her dog, Colt, are well-known in the trucking community and beloved by our terminal staff members around the country! Here’s what they had to share about becoming a successful duo on the road. 

Make Sure Your Pet is Adequately Trained 

Make sure your pet is ready to hit the road with you by ensuring they can follow basic commands both inside and outside of the truck. Colt, for example, is trained in commands using voice, hand signals and whistling. Other important commands might include stop (freeze in place), and time out (lay down next to the driver seat). Having your pet master basic commands like these are crucial in keeping you both safe on the road. 

Stock up on Safety Equipment 

Having safety equipment readily available for pets is also important, especially in case of an emergency. Helpful items might include a safety vest, light-up collar/leash, first-aid kit and pet rescue decal. Many of these items can even be found in Werner’s Company Store! 

Be Prepared for Emergencies 

Drivers already know the importance of expecting the unexpected while on the road and what to do when an emergency arises. The same applies when driving with your pet. Be sure to have plenty of extra food and water stored in your truck in case inclement weather occurs or if your truck breaks down unexpectedly. Additionally, have a credit card or emergency funds readily available to cover medical expenses that could occur for your pet. Have emergency contact information somewhere easy to find and have their vaccination records easily accessible. 

Plan your Stops Wisely 

Even the most obedient pets need ample time to get fresh air and exercise. Prepare accordingly before your stops to find pet-friendly areas for your dog to run and burn off energy. Also, remember to keep your pet leashed while walking around various locations! Consider packing an extra leash and collar just in case. 

Make your Pet Comfortable and Cozy! 

Just like humans, pets want to be comfortable on the road! Remember to bring a favorite toy, pillow, treats and even a box fan for sleeping at night. Get to know what makes your pet anxious and what remedies ease their stress. No one knows your pet better than you!  

Thank you to Jen and Colt for sharing these important tips for success! If you don’t have a dog or cat yet but are interested in getting a new road companion, consider adopting a dog or cat from your local Humane Society! They can help match you with the perfect new pal to take on the road. If you are interested in driving for a company with a pet-friendly policy, visit our website to learn more. 

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