Navigating the Road to Cost Savings: Werner’s Carrier Fuel Discount Program

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In the world of transportation and logistics, where every mile counts, fuel expenses can quickly become a significant burden for carriers. With rising fuel prices, it’s important for carriers to seek out cost saving strategies.

Taking advantage of carrier rewards programs with fuel discounts is a great way to help you navigate the road to savings. Programs offering carriers discounts on fuel purchases, can provide you with substantial savings on one of the most significant operational costs. At Werner Logistics, we collaborate with top providers to bring our alliance carriers a best-in-class fuel discount program. Here are four benefits the Werner Logistics carrier fuel discount program offers.

Cost Savings

By taking advantage of discounted fuel rates, carriers can significantly reduce their operational expenses. Year-to-date, the Werner Logistics Carrier Rewards program has allowed qualifying alliance carriers to save more than $283,000.

By participating, gold and platinum level carriers also can utilize free quick pay and can avoid the 1.5 percent service fee that is typically deducted from the total invoice.

“The fuel program presents fantastic offers, and we have been utilizing it for an extended period. The discounts provided are truly exceptional, which aligns with the fundamental requirements of any small carrier. We hold a strong affinity for their fuel discount program, which also extends to discounts on tires and numerous other benefits,” said Akash, Werner Alliance Carrier.


In addition to cost savings, it’s important to ensure the program’s network of participating fueling stations align with your typical routes and operational areas. Werner Logistics’ fuel program allows you to use the card at more than 2,000 locations and by using our app, you will be able to find the nearest fuel stops with the best discounts.

The map below indicates participating locations.

Werner’s Carrier Fuel Discount Program

Additional Perks

Besides the obvious fuel discounts, the program offers discounts on products or services that might not immediately come to mind. Some of these include maintenance discounts, Fleet Truck Sales discounts, as well as capitalizing on your fuel purchases to collect rewards like free parking and showers.

Premier Service

At Werner, we truly care about the success of our alliance carriers and want to enhance their business. Our program offers personalized service which includes our providers’ customer service teams and communication with our Carrier Rewards Program Manager, David Walter, (866.700.1028).

For more information, visit https://www.werner.com/werner-logistics-rewards-program/ or email: [email protected].