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Accelerating Innovation at Werner: Three Lessons Learned from the Past Two Years

Dec 12, 2022 | Innovation + Technology

The transportation industry has undergone many changes and challenges over the past few years, from a surge in technological advancements to supply chain woes and a tough labor market. But underneath those obstacles was also a wealth of opportunity. All the disruption created the perfect environment for innovation and Werner was willing to take the chance on it. After two years of innovating, here’s three lessons we’ve learned so far.

  1. The Value of Asking Questions

When we launched our technology and innovation initiative, Werner EDGE, in early 2020, we had no idea how the buzzword ‘digital transformation’ would truly transform our business. What started as a venture focused on leveraging technology soon became a lifeline. In the two years since its launch, we’ve learned there is value in leaving room to ask “why?” and exploring the opportunities it brings. Such questions have led to improvements in our telematics experience in and out of cab (EDGE Connect), our transportation management system (TMS), and our goal of moving our entire tech stack to the cloud.

  1. New Ideas Come from Collaboration

With the launch of EDGE came the creation of our product team. Housed within our technology department, the purpose of this team is to encourage collaboration with other departments, generating discussion and creating ways to improve processes. This allows us to work together and create roadmaps for success. Their work has helped dissolve department silos and bring a broader understanding of operations. Through ongoing discussions, we’ve developed a solid willingness to try new ideas and a robust testing and scaling process.

  1. Modern Business Requires Modern Leadership

As we incorporate technology into everything we do – ESG, digital platforms, safety and more – we’ve invested in recruiting tech leadership with diverse skill sets. Not only does this provide our company leadership with a solid technical foundation, but it also opens new perspectives for business and provides us with a competitive edge.

Keep Moving Forward

The supply chain will continue to evolve as customer demands shift and change. For companies to survive, we must keep changing, too. By adopting a culture of innovation and investing the time and resources to see those innovations come to fruition, Werner has positioned itself to welcome the next generation of transportation and logistics leaders along with the new ideas they bring.

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