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Werner Wrapped 2023

We looked back at 2023 to create our annual #WernerWrapped.

Check out our 2023 highlights.

Werner Wrapped is here.

Top of the Class

Werner wrapped 2023 top of the class

In 2023 we received 29 awards highlighting the amazing work of our professional drivers and associates.

One in a Million

werner wrapped 2023 million miles

Our professional drivers continued achieving amazing safety milestones in 2023. Our active fleet of million milers have driven a cumulative of 1.068 billion safe miles with us.

Every day is Earth Day

Werner wrapped 2023 earth day

Since 2020, Werner reduced its emissions by 16%. Since 2007 we saved 382 million gallons of fuel. Read the 2023 CSR report here.

Delivering Hauliday Spirit

werner wrapped 2023 hauliday spirit

In 2023, a team of four Werner professional drivers delivered the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. We were thrilled to play a part in this rich American tradition!

New Kids on the Block

werner wrapped 2023 new hires

In 2023, we welcomed Michelle Greene to our Board of Directors and Chris Wikoff as our new CFO.

Blue Brigade

werner wrapped 2023 blue brigade

Last year, the Blue Brigade pitched in more than 2,324 volunteer hours to their local communities.

Too Cool for School

werner wrapped 2023 drivers school

3,158 drivers graduated from Roadmaster and joined the Werner team.

We had a great 2023! We’re excited for the opportunities that 2024 brings for Werner, our drivers and our associates.

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