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Why Werner Values Veteran Drivers

Mar 25, 2022 | Veteran, Truck Drivers

A Great Career After the Military – Professional Truck Driver!

Determining your next step after the military can be a daunting task. With a wide variety of skills, you want to ensure your next career has a similar structure as what you’ve become accustomed to and have thrived in.

With the country facing a truck driver shortage, the search is on for skilled, reliable candidates to fill these positions. Of course, not everyone has what it takes to be a successful truck driver. Qualified candidates can be hard to find. But one transportation company, Werner Enterprises, has long understood where to find skilled, dedicated and safety focused drivers – the military.  Werner understands that a military background makes you uniquely prepared for the challenges that a truck driving career brings. Truck driving for veterans offers you a chance at a fulfilling and lucrative career. And while you have a variety of companies to choose from you want to become a professional driver, this article will outline reasons to choose Werner.

Skills Learned in The Military Cross-Over to Truck Driving

So, why does Werner place such a high value on recruiting veterans as professional drivers? Experts in the military recognize that veterans and trucking make a good combination. The skills the military teaches are essential to a successful truck driver. Most veterans have had technical training and many have operated and/or maintained heavy machinery. If you have this type of experience, you are not intimidated by a truck, stay calm in action and have a strong focus on safety.

Some companies may recognize your previous military CDL experience and start you at a higher salary or hourly wage than other new hires. If you do not have a CDL but gained experience during your military career, you may be able to use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Military Skills Test Waiver program to quickly get this license. Your military driving experience counts.

Veterans also display other skills that are valuable to the industry. You have more self-discipline and a greater sense of teamwork than some civilians may have. These abilities will serve you well in an industry that requires both self-reliance and the need to work with others. Truck driving for veterans just makes good sense.

Werner’s Operation Freedom

Werner Enterprises has created a supportive and friendly culture for all of its employees, but the company has created a special program for veterans: Operation Freedom. This truck driving for veterans program works to honor and support veterans with internal and external initiatives. If you join the company, you can expect a military-friendly and military-ready work environment. Veteran associates lead the Operation program and serve as contact points for any military issues or needed assistance and support.

Program highlights include the following opportunities:

  • Team driving
  • Leading
  • Home daily driving
  • Regional driving
  • Dedicated driving
  • 48 state driving

You’ll also enjoy the chance to grow into leadership roles such as:

  • Mentor
  • Leader
  • Ambassador driver
  • Road team captain
  • Freedom truck driver

Beyond those opportunities, Werner offers special initiatives for veterans including an apprenticeship program, tuition reimbursement and credit for military driving experience.

The apprenticeship program allows any driver with 12 months or less experience to enroll for up to 24 months. Eligible veterans may be able to receive up to $25,881.60 in tax-free VA educational benefits — that’s in addition to your regular Werner pay. This opportunity is a critical part of Werner’s truck driving for veterans program.

The tuition reimbursement program allows those who use VA educational benefits to pay for truck driving school. You may receive benefits up to $15,000 that are paid directly to you.

Werner understands you are bringing invaluable experience and maturity to the job and recognize and reward those traits.

Why Military Veterans Thrive in the Trucking Industry

Truck driving for veterans brings many assets to a company, but the career also fits the needs of many veterans. You are used to meeting challenges on a daily basis, something that truckers must do as well. Although Werner has one of the most supportive systems possible in place, no one can predict everything that will happen on the road. If you enjoy quick thinking and being resourceful, then a career with Werner is a good choice.

Also, you spent years learning skills as a member of the military. You may be frustrated if you do not choose a job that allows you to use your previous training. As a truck driver, you will need to be hands-on and proactive, something you already learned in the military. Not everyone is suited to sitting behind a desk all day, especially if they’ve been an active military member. Much like the military, professional truck drivers are given an assignment, then execute the mission.

The military does dictate most of what you do in the service. In contrast, driving a truck allows you the freedom to travel, see new places and meet new people. Werner tells its drivers, “You are the captain of your own ship,” which means drivers are in charge of making their own choices.

Your self-discipline and motivation will mean that trucking is a satisfying career for you, but the company definitely benefits from your work ethic and skill level as well. A truck driving career with Werner Enterprises can help you merge the best of both the military and civilian worlds. Werner also has an entire team of veterans ready to assist you in your own transition from a military career to a successful civilian career.

Apply with Werner Enterprises Now!

Werner and the entire country are depending on skilled truck drivers to restore the supply chain and move goods efficiently. Military veterans understand logistics, and we want people with your skills. If you are interested in a company that values military experience, apply today. You can simply fill out an online form or phone us at (800) 228-2240 for more information about truck driving for veterans.

Werner Enterprises has created a friendly culture for all our employees, but we especially value those people who have served our country. Contact us today for more information about truck driving for veterans and begin your new career.

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