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What to Know About the Experienced Driver Referral Program

Nov 2, 2021 | Truck Drivers

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s the time of year for helping others, and also a time to find ways to earn extra cash. Fortunately, current Werner drivers can do both within seconds through our Experienced Driver Referral Program! When you take advantage of this opportunity, you can earn $1,000 every time we hire an experienced truck driver from your referral. But this program gets even better, we will pay you $50 for every driver referral you submit! If the option to earn extra money within seconds interests you, here’s what to know about our Experienced Driver Referral Program.

How Werner’s Referral Program Works

At Werner, we’re proud of our nearly 10,000 professional truck drivers who we believe are not only top-notch drivers but also the best recruiters in the business! That’s why we encourage drivers like you to use our referral program, as we think sharing your positive experiences as a driver is the most powerful way to tell the Werner story and why everyone should drive blue!

So, if you come across someone in your circle who is an experienced driver, or if you find yourself in a conversation with other drivers at a truck stop, we want you to refer them to us. Doing so is as simple as pulling up the Drive Werner Pro app and selecting Driver Referral. When you’re prompted to add contact information, just fill in their name and phone number or email address. Then click submit, and you’re all done!

The information you enter on the app will go directly to Werner recruiters, who will see that you made the referral. You will receive $50 for each experienced driver referral you submit. If hired, you will then be paid $500 after the new driver’s first load and another $500 after they’ve been active as a driver for 90 days. That’s easy money for any Werner driver to make, allowing you to get that much closer to paying for home renovations, gifts during the holidays, a new TV, or any other expenses you’re planning for.

Over the last five years, Werner has paid out over $1.8 million to drivers for referrals. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn extra money and keep growing our fleet so we can keep America moving!

The Referral Program Benefits Everyone

Now that you know how the Experienced Driver Referral Program works, you can likely see how it’s beneficial for all involved. But beyond the cash, you also get the knowledge that you’re helping fellow truck drivers—including friends and family members—find a good job at a company that you believe in. If you enjoy your position as a truck driver with Werner, there’s no better gift than letting other qualified drivers enjoy the same benefits—all with only a minute of effort on your part as you submit the referral through the app.

Finally, the referral program is good for the company, as it helps us quickly find experienced truck drivers who can fill the roles we have available. And considering how in-demand drivers are right now—not just at Werner, but everywhere—getting these roles filled fast can benefit everyone. After all, we know truckers keep America moving, so the ability to hire as many safe, experienced drivers as necessary will ensure everyone gets the products they need on time.

As a result, when you refer good drivers to Werner, you’re helping a lot of people while also making some extra cash! So we urge you to let other drivers know about your truck driving experience at Werner any chance you get and send us their information through the app if they’re interested.

What Drivers Will Get When They Work with Werner

As a driver with our company, you already know the benefits we offer our employees. But if you need a quick list of benefits to rattle off to drivers who may be interested in Werner, here are some key points as to what they can expect:

  • More than half of our drivers make over $75,000 per year
  • Our top 25% of drivers make over $85,000 per year
  • Some accounts offer guaranteed weekly pay of $1,000 to $2,000
  • We provide health, vision and dental insurance
  • Our drivers have access to life insurance, disability
  • 401(k) retirement plan matches one-half of first 6 percent
  • We provide fuel cards and paid tolls
  • We have more than 250 home-time and pay packages to offer
  • We’re rider and pet friendly
  • We offer tuition reimbursement

Anyone you refer to Werner will have access to these and other benefits, as well as the opportunity to advance to even higher-paying positions through our performance-based Career Track Program.

If you meet or already know anyone with these qualifications, feel free to help them get a truck driving job by using our Experienced Driver Referral Program today!

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