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Following Your Dreams Could Lead You Into Trucking

Sep 10, 2021 | Truck Drivers

Trucks can be seen everywhere – in the larger parking lots of where we buy our groceries, on the highway when we are driving home and at the gas station when we fill up the tanks of our cars. But, for one individual, the sight of a truck was far more than something to glance at and then look away. Christopher W. shares his inspirational life story about how he entered the trucking industry and how seeing an ‘everyday’ vehicle that many people overlook – a tractor-trailer, gave him the courage he needed to follow his dream of becoming a professional truck driver.

The road to truck driving began for Christopher in 2010 when he took a trip to Springfield, MO. He was traveling on Interstate-44 when he saw a line of brand-new Peterbilt trucks. At that moment, Christopher made himself a promise, “I told myself one of these days I’m going to get myself one of those trucks.”

Years passed, and Christopher pushed his aspirations aside to focus on daily life like many of us. However, upon turning 50 years old, he decided to enroll in Roadmaster Drivers School in Fontana, CA. Christopher remarked, “A year ago, I told myself, “This is my chance.” On June 21, I attended my first class. I was all in, and that is how I started.” He took the courageous step of quitting his job because he believed that if he didn’t pursue this career now, he never would.

Christopher has now been a driver with Werner since September 2020, and when asked about how he is enjoying his career, he stated, “It has been a gift to me.” His humility transpires not only in his gratitude towards Werner but also in his positive attitude towards the education he gained at Roadmaster Drivers School. Not only did Christopher express that he learned a lot from his instructors, but he still carries some of his notes with him on his truck to refer to them from time to time. The opportunity to follow his life-long ambition has not been forgotten by Christopher, “Sometimes, when I finish my day at Werner, I will go to Roadmaster and tell them ‘thank you’ for the things I learned from them.”

With opportunities for learning and growth available to our drivers, Christopher exemplifies the very best virtues that Werner hopes to find in all our drivers and associates who help keep America moving.

Approximately 70 percent of Werner truck drivers get home weekly, and Christopher is enjoying that aspect. The account he is working on provides the home time that allows him to plan his trips home and visit loved ones, “The home time benefits are wonderful. You don’t get burnt out. Sometimes your loads are set up to where you may get lucky and get a 3-day weekend!” Christopher enjoys the proximity of his dedicated account to his home and family.

If you would like to see where a career in truck driving can take you, fill out the short-form application below to speak to one of our recruiters! Find out more about the opportunities for different types of truck driving jobs at Werner or search available truck driving jobs.

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