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Looking for a Career Right Out of School? Consider Logistics

Nov 29, 2021 | Logistics

Ever wonder what makes the world work? It’s logistics. Yes, logistics. If products cannot reach their destination and make their way to storefronts and warehouses, the world remains at a standstill. You wouldn’t be able to buy a new car or even your favorite brand of shampoo, and any medication you take would be impossible to get. So, if you want a career that truly makes a difference in the world, choose logistics.

Now, when you hear the word “logistics,” you may picture a career as a professional truck driver. While these jobs are certainly part of the industry and a great career option, there are plenty of other paths you can take as well.

Logistics Career Advantages

A career advantage of working in the transportation and logistics industry is that you will be a necessary worker whose position is essential to the country’s economy. You will also have job satisfaction and constant opportunities for growth.

At Werner Logistics, there are entry-level positions that allow you to learn more about the industry and different roles within the company. After a period of learning and finding the right fit, you are then promoted to the role that is right for you.

“Werner Logistics is an excellent company for recent graduates and young professionals,” said Colin, a Talent Acquisition Partner at our Chicago office. “If you come to Werner with a positive attitude and you’re willing to work hard, you can take your career wherever you want it to go.”

Logistics Careers

At Werner, we have numerous career options for new graduates and those that are starting out in the industry. These entry-level positions are perfect for those who want to grow their career within the company.

  • Logistics Specialist – The Logistics Specialist role offers the opportunity to learn the transportation and logistics industry in a progressive environment. During that time, you will develop the skills necessary to be successful in freight forwarding and brokerage sales. This position allows you to gain an understanding of both the carrier and customer roles to help determine your career path.
  • Customer Service Assistant – The logistics industry works with a variety of different customers, and having someone passionate about solving problems and providing solutions is essential. This position is a great way to get started in the customer service career path.
  • Agent Coordinator – An Agent Coordinator works in the Final Mile division of Werner Logistics, which focuses on the last mile of the customer experience. This includes white glove and in-home delivery of merchandise purchased via e-commerce or a traditional brick and mortar store. As an Agent Coordinator, you are the liaison to our Final Mile carriers. You are responsible for overseeing shipments that each carrier has assigned to them to ensure shipments are delivered safely and on time.
  • Intermodal Operations Trainee – This role works in the Intermodal department, another growing division within Werner Logistics. An Intermodal Operations Trainee provides the Intermodal Customer Specialists and Project Managers assistance with the booking of loads, customer service needs, troubleshooting of problems, verifying of load statuses and general support. Similar to the Logistics Specialist, this position allows you to explore both the carrier and customer roles.

Working for Werner

New graduates find working at Werner satisfying for multiple reasons. There are opportunities all around the country since Werner Logistics has 10 locations throughout North America. In fact, we recently opened a new office in midtown Phoenix, which is located in the heart of the city and promotes an exciting work-life balance. Werner believes in the work hard/play hard philosophy, which leads to a fun and fulfilling workplace.

“The culture at Werner Logistics is empowering, each day we set our own goals and our team supports one another to achieve those,” said Stephanie, a Carrier Sales Representative in the Phoenix office. “The sky is the limit here, and the opportunities are endless. It’s great to have that encouragement all around you.”

Stephanie started at Werner as an intern at our headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. She then worked as a Logistics Specialist in our Phoenix office and was promoted to a Carrier Sales Representative.

Check Out Werner Enterprises Opportunities

Logistics does make the world go round. If the industry intrigues you, check out our careers page today to learn more about your job opportunities. Or, catch us at an upcoming job fair. We search North America for the best and brightest candidates for our workforce and are eager to speak to you about joining our company. If you are interested in an exciting and fulfilling career that allows you to Keep America Moving each day, apply for a job at Werner Logistics today.

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