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Final Mile Delivery Service by Werner

Aug 19, 2021 | Logistics

Give your customers the memorable customer service experience they deserve and maintain your excellent level of service from start to finish with final mile logistics. Learn more about this service and see how you can use it to promote your brand. From friendly professionals to threshold and white glove delivery, make the last mile count with Werner.

In transportation, most deliveries stop at a store or warehouse. While products may arrive intact and on time, it’s up to customers to move items into the home, unpack them and install them. With Final Mile logistics, your customers don’t have to lift a finger when they purchase large or heavy items. This logistics service combines safe transportation and in-home assistance for a convenient shipping experience.

How Does is it Work?

It all starts with a scheduled shipping date. Customers receive call-ahead notifications and text alerts to keep track of the delivery. Tracking limits calls to your customer service team while giving your customers peace of mind. Not only does order tracking help your customer track a shipment, but it keeps you connected to verify a prompt transportation service.

Your product is delivered by two uniformed personnel that are utilizing specialized equipment for safe, efficient shipping. Customers can schedule an item to be delivered at the threshold or in any room of their home. Instead of dropping a product off on the doorstep, this talented duo of professionals will take it to the exact room your customer wants. It’s a convenient feature for some consumers and an essential one for others who can’t safely lift large items.

Competitive last mile also comes with mattress or appliance removal. Your customers shouldn’t have to lift and remove old items to make room for your high-quality updates. This removal feature prevents your customer from handling any major heavy lifting or additional planning.

These services include affordable and on-time delivery to your customer’s location. At Werner, over 42,000 domestic zip codes are covered, along with most locations in Canada.

Available Items

Major purchases can have major logistical issues for customers. Trying to remove an old refrigerator or sofa and bring in a new one can be stressful enough to discourage a sale. Remove these obstacles with effortless delivery of these popular items:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Fitness equipment
  • Store fixtures
  • Kitchen cabinets

Virtually any item that two individuals can carry can qualify for last mile delivery. Liftgate services enable residential deliveries across the United States and Canada.

How Do Final Mile Services Improve Your Brand?

Compared with general deliveries, last-mile shipping offers consumers unbeatable customer service. If you’re looking for ways to improve the customer experience, then make sure your large items are delivered safely and professionally.

Last-mile services aren’t just about in-home deliveries and set-up services. They also include additional inspections and handling services. These reduce the risk of product damage during shipping.

If customers have any questions, concerns or complaints about your product, Werner Final Mile offers prompt returns. Promote excellent customer service from start to finish with in-home return management. Delays in the return process may affect customer satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of a repeat customer.

When customers can help determine the mutually agreed upon pick up or delivery time, it reduces the risk of delays. Large items can’t be left outside if your customers aren’t home, so use this shipping option to connect delivery drivers and customers for an efficient, convenient situation.

What Qualities Make a Good Final Mile Provider?

There are many companies that offer this service, so it’s important to compare providers. A leading final mile provider assists you in these ways:

  • Extensive coverage: Last-mile deliveries are only useful if they’re available. Don’t offer a service that only benefits some customers. Instead, work with a provider that offers nationwide coverage.
  • Flexible deliveries: Do customers need to make a return, haul away donations or assemble a product? Flexible delivery policies cover many last-mile logistics.
  • State-of-the-art connectivity: An innovative mobile app can connect consumers, drivers and you. Work with the latest technology for electronic signatures, proof of delivery and more.
  • Industry-leading customer service: It takes a dedicated customer service team to go above and beyond during the last mile. Choose a team of experienced customer service agents to continue to care for your customer.

Who Offers Competitive Last Mile Services?

If you’re looking for a leading logistics team, it’s time to contact Werner. Expand your delivery possibilities with Werner Final Mile and complete freight management solutions.

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