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How to Improve Your Freight Quote Process

Apr 7, 2023 | Logistics

Navigating the freight quote process can be time-consuming and confusing. Understanding your specific needs and creating a custom quote for your business is a priority for Werner. It allows us to provide solutions and costs that align with a customer’s goals and objectives, improving the quote process. Below are four tips to improve your freight quote process.

Do Your Research

Before requesting a freight quote, we recommend conducting online research to get better insights into a transportation and logistics company’s financial strength, portfolio of solutions and approach to relationships and service. Online reviews, testimonials and awards provide an inside view of how the company supports customers when they are in business together. Using these insights, you can determine your short list of carriers or brokerages – no more than 3 – that is an ideal match. The next step is formally requesting a freight quote.

Get Faster, Better Quotes

Regardless of whether you choose to get an online or phone quote, gather several items beforehand that you can reference during the process to save time. They include:

  1. Type(s) of cargo or product you need to ship
  2. The amount of freight by volume
  3. The value of the cargo
  4. Origin and destination, as well as any stops in between
  5. Details on the network of facilities
  6. A D&B credit report or credit references
  7. Any nuances or challenges specific to your business or freight
  8. Any state or cross-border regulations that are important to note
  9. Any hard deadlines or timing constraints

By providing this level of detail, you can get faster, better quotes that include customized solutions for your business.

Choose Beyond Cost

While it may seem like the best solution is to go with the lowest quote for moving your freight, selecting the freight quote that fits your needs goes beyond cost. Beyond the rate itself, customers should look at specific solutions to ensure they are a long-term fit for your freight needs, including:

  • Technology with real-time location and delivery status functionality
  • Vast portfolio and capacity
  • Service and accessibility with 24/7 support to keep your business moving and freight delivered
  • Credit compatibility, including good credit and a track record of paying carriers on time
  • Strong reputation and trusted brand to ensure freight is delivered safely and when promised

Why Werner?

Known for our visibility, capacity and flexibility, Werner delivers world-class customer solutions to deliver goods from anywhere in the world. Our network of almost 50,000 alliance carriers supports all customers, big and small.

Our delivery solutions are:

  • Customized for customers to meet business needs
  • End-to-end with Dedicated, Intermodal, Temperature-Controlled, Cross-Border and Final Mile services
  • Technology-forward with real-time access to freight status for routing and visibility
  • Sustainability-driven, with solutions that help reduce the carbon footprint of the industry

Want to learn more about our freight solutions? Submit a freight quote today.

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