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The Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Intermodal Shipping

Feb 5, 2024 | Logistics, Shippers, Werner Blog

In the world of transportation and logistics, the ability to move goods seamlessly, cost-effectively and sustainably from point A to point B is a constant pursuit for shippers. To accomplish this goal, every shipper should use the intermodal solution to create capacity and cost savings in their supply chain.

Intermodal shipping refers to the use of multiple modes of transportation, such as moving containers and trailers by truck and train. It is a stable solution that allows customers to manage their freight across multiple modes regardless of balancing capacity and weather disruptions. The strategic use of intermodal freight opens possibilities for optimizing routes, minimizing costs and ensuring the timely and secure delivery of goods across diverse geographical landscapes.

What are the Benefits of Intermodal Freight?

These are the top three reasons why shippers may want to consider using intermodal shipping solutions.

  1. It’s Cost-Efficient

One significant benefit of intermodal freight is its cost-efficiency. Combining shipping methods can reduce costs while providing additional capacity and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Because the shipment remains in the same container for the entire shipping process, there are fewer handling and other associated fees.

Intermodal freight also promotes more competitive rates and heightened tender acceptance levels, as it is driver and customer friendly. It’s easy to plan for intermodal and determine the resources needed to move the freight.

  1. Railroad Introduces Lower Carbon Shipping Options

With intermodal freight, shippers have access to shipping options that produce a smaller carbon footprint than full truck transport. In fact, using intermodal can save up to 75% of the CO2 used for regular truckload.

Railroad transportation is one of the most fuel-efficient forms of shipping. When utilizing railroad transportation as part of their intermodal strategy, carriers can move significantly more freight and materials than with other shipping options while using much less fuel. This leads to an overall reduction in the company’s carbon footprint.

By using railroads, carriers can optimize their cargo-carrying capacity and balance operational and environmental responsibility.

At Werner, we’re committed to reducing carbon emissions by innovating our operations, fleet, and technology. Our environmental goals are reflected in our utilization of intermodal shipping.

  1. It’s Visible

Embracing intermodal shipping allows for a significant increase in visibility throughout the entire freight transportation process. The container will be scanned at each transition point, creating more frequent and relevant shipping time updates. This allows for real-time monitoring throughout the freight journey, reducing the likelihood of damage or theft of freight during transportation.

With a record of each transition, businesses engaged in intermodal shipping can better mitigate risks and quickly address unforeseen challenges such as inclement weather or accidents. Continuous monitoring not only discourages potential threats but also promotes confidence in shippers and carriers alike, assuring them of the security of their freight throughout the entire process.

The Werner Difference

At Werner, we take pride in our position as a premier intermodal solution with access to an expansive fleet of more than 88,000 containers and 30,000 trailers. Our commitment to a customer-focused strategy is supported by our extensive drayage network across North America, ensuring that the unique needs of our customers are exceeded. At the heart of our intermodal strategy is state-of-the-art technology and innovation specifically created for intermodal freight, with analytics providing real-time access to freight status.

Our team strategically positions our customer service and planning resources in different regions to provide our customers and carriers with market experts who build strategic relationships. We have nearly 25 years of industry experience providing Mexico direct, border direct and transload intermodal options. Our bilingual customer service and sales team provides support for shippers in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. We continue to work to utilize intermodal freight solutions, offering a seamless and efficient experience for shippers across North America.

For more information about our intermodal solutions, click here.

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