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Five Reasons to Consider a Career in Transportation and Logistics

Apr 15, 2021 | Logistics

The transportation and logistics sector is a large industry with plenty of career opportunities. While you’re familiar with a professional truck driver position, there are numerous other career opportunities to consider. From sales specialists, analysts and account managers to load planners and carrier relations, there are multiple career paths out there. In an industry with ample opportunities for success, joining the transportation and logistics sector can provide many benefits.

Finding Purpose

From clothing to the food on your table, everything travels on a truck at some point. That being said, transportation jobs have a ton of purpose. As transportation and logistics are essential in the United States, they’re also crucial for every person in the supply chain. A career in transportation could help you make a difference in communities, with a position that has a significant impact on others. This is especially true as the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. As transportation and logistics professionals are essential workers, these jobs are more vital than ever before. Joining this industry today gives you a real opportunity to make a difference in the world around you.


The transportation and logistics industry offers a variety of career opportunities. Diverse organizations now train and educate entry-level truck drivers and logistics professionals, and they also help those interested in starting a new career in the field. You will find plenty of opportunities for advancement in the transportation and logistics industry. As you continue to challenge yourself at work and find solutions to complex problems, you discover how these opportunities help you excel as an industry professional. Whether you may be skilled at sales, analytics, load planning, or customer service, there’s potential for you. The logistics sector is in high demand, so now is the time to start applying for available jobs.


Many transportation and logistics professionals enjoy their jobs because they’re challenged daily. Logistics is never a one-and-done, black-and-white operation. These positions are constantly evolving and changing. The logistics industry has many seasoned experts who work extremely hard. Once you join the profession, you’ll be pushed and challenged from day one. A career in transportation can help you expect more from yourself, leading to a sense of pride and accomplishment when you excel. These jobs are designed for critical thinkers who enjoy problem-solving on a daily basis.

Entry Level Positions Available

A career in the transportation and logistics industry is a great choice for new college graduates. Many logistics positions utilize a variety of skills that will suit an entry-level professional or college grad. And, a college degree isn’t always required. We look for hardworking people who excel at solving problems. Additionally, many previous careers transfer over very well to the logistics sector. Sales reps and customer service specialists are a few positions that are perfect for a career in logistics. There is always an opportunity for individuals with extensive supply chain experience to build on their expertise as well.

Good for Relationship Building

When you ask a seasoned logistics professional about their favorite part of the job, many of them will talk about the relationships they’ve built. While it depends on your position and the organization you work for, many logistics departments are close-knit. As these teams communicate on a daily basis and work together to solve problems, these colleagues often build friendships that last a lifetime. Aside from working with your team, relationships can also form with carriers, customers and other professionals around the industry. If you enjoy talking with others, building relationships, and helping customers with their essential needs, a career in logistics may be right for you.

Start a Career at Werner Enterprises

The logistics industry is constantly growing. As technology continues to evolve in the world around us, the need for transportation and logistics solutions is always expanding.

If you enjoy solving problems, helping others and challenging yourself daily, you should consider applying. To work with a large, reputable transportation and logistics provider that keeps America moving, contact Werner Enterprises today to learn more.

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