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Power Only – Why Carriers Are Choosing Werner Logistics

Feb 16, 2021 | Logistics, Carriers

Werner’s Power Only network is growing drastically in 2021 and we’re eager to offer alliance carriers exciting opportunities to benefit their drivers and their businesses.

What exactly is Power Only? Power Only is exactly how it sounds – a carrier provides the power unit, a tractor, and Werner provides access to its 24,000-trailer pool plus shipper friendly freight.

Werner Power Only carriers tell us first-hand how the Power Only solution has helped them grow their business, and why they value their relationship with Werner.

Helpful for Business Owners of All Sizes

There are numerous benefits for carriers that move Power Only loads with Werner. First, it’s a great solution for business owners. In 1956, CL Werner started the company with nothing more than one truck and a dream. Today, Werner continues to support small business owners, such as our alliance carriers.

One of our Power Only carriers, Juan, owns a business that operates with 18 trucks. Juan has been a Power Only carrier with Werner since 2010 and runs out of our Southwest regional fleet. Juan’s business moves loads for Werner that primarily contain home improvement products and industrial supplies. They have always done a great job with their service and communication and Juan’s son is a part of the business as well, so that family business dynamic is there.

“Werner Power Only helps small carriers get started,” said Juan. “It also gives me the ability to move freight year-round.”

Power Only helps businesses of all sizes by providing consistant, year-round access to drop and hook freight and a network of trailers. Between downtime and the expense of equipment and maintence, the cost of trailers certainly can add up over time.

24/7 Service When You Need It

Sharla, another Werner Power Only carrier, attests that a great benefit of Werner Power Only is that she has a team of people that have her back 24/7 and want what’s best for her business. Sharla’s company operates out of Texas with over 300 trucks. They have been a Power Only carrier with Werner since 2018 and have diversified their fleet into all areas of Werner Power Only.

“I built my team with Power Only trucks. I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with a group that makes sure everything goes over smoothly,” said Sharla.

Werner’s 24/7 team puts the driver first and our team of experts are there to provide solutions any time a carrier needs them.

“The staff at Werner cares about carriers and drivers. If there is a problem, they work hard to resolve it day and night. I love the fact that there’s a member of the dispatch team there seven days a week. It is good to know that if we have a problem, they will be there, even over the weekend. Working with a team that truly cares makes a difference.”

Opportunities Where You Need Them

Whether you are a carrier that relates more with Juan or Sharla, there are plenty of Werner Power Only opportunities.  As a power only carrier, you’re able to maintain your own authority and choose which option best suits your drivers’ needs.

  • Werner’s dedicated opportunities provide consistent origins and destinations. Drivers are home regularly, which means they could possibly be home each night.
  • With our regional option, drivers are able to stay in the region of their choice and are home weekly.
  • Over the Road (OTR) is 48-state and long-haul, where drivers would be on the road for two weeks at a time.

Ready to get started? For more information, fill out the form on this page and chat with a member of our team.

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