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Five Ways to Make Your Trucking Business Stand Out

Sep 28, 2021 | Carriers, Logistics

As a small-to-medium-sized carrier, you may be wondering, “what’s next”? The transportation and logistics industry continues to see strong growth, and shippers, carriers and 3PLs are all looking for ways to meet the demands of consumers.

Werner Logistics works with carriers of all sizes, and we hope to see these trucking businesses grow and flourish. Check out these five ways to make your trucking company stand out.

1. Hire the Right Drivers

Reliable, and experienced drivers are in high demand. A growing company needs to hire the right drivers to add new routes and retain the skilled drivers that got your company to where it is. Professional drivers are the backbone of a trucking company. Prioritize drivers and find out what they need to stay loyal, happy and moving forward. Here are some basic features of a great truck driving job:

  • Sign-on bonus
  • Weekly pay
  • CDL training
  • 401(k) and health programs
  • Insurance
  • Career growth opportunities

Also, promote a positive company culture by creating a team mentality with your drivers. Safety, responsive communication and a commitment to your drivers help establish loyalty and encourages motivated drivers to join your community.

2. Focus on Quality Service

Customer service is a critical part of any business. Look for ways to make your trucking business stand out in the minds of shippers. Responsive communication and timely deliveries are key components of a shipper who’s interested in your services for the long haul. Be sure your drivers are clear about the type of freight, delivery specifications and customer preferences for every load shipment.

Not only does great customer service encourage a long-term relationship, but it opens opportunities for referrals. This helps customers in the industry feel confident about referring your freight services.

3. Maintain Your Equipment

Invest in a maintenance solution that keeps your entire fleet ready for the road. Whether you have an in-house mechanic or have a trusted shop near your facility, keeping up on maintenance tasks is critical for the safety of professional drivers and the motoring public.

Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance routines can be time-consuming. If the time and expenses related to trailer equipment maintenance become an issue, consider Werner’s Power Only solution. By running power only with Werner, carriers are able to have access to Werner’s 24,000-trailer pool. Werner is committed to utilizing industry-leading late model trailers with advanced technology for higher efficiency.

Another option to save money on equipment is to check out Werner Fleet Sales. Werner Fleet Sales is the “intelligent alternative to new.” They offer late-model, low-mileage, used Freightliner Cascadias, Kenworth T680s and Peterbilt 579s. All of the equipment is fleet maintained and goes through a full preparation process before delivery to the new owner.

4. Take Care of Your Employees

A positive company culture is incredibly important. Invest in your employees’ development by offering training programs. Industry-leading trucking companies need highly skilled employees, so investing in training helps you maintain dedicated team members.

Once your employees receive industry-leading training and help you reach your company goals, reward them with competitive salaries and benefits. Giving employees time off, insurance coverage and other benefits encourages them to stay healthy and stay with your team.

Building a strong relationship with your employees brings in referrals and an ever-growing community. Just like a strong shipper relationship, a positive relationship with an employee makes that person much more likely to recommend friends and family members to join your team. Take care of your employees, and they will take care of you.

5. Work with a Trusted Third-Party Logistics Provider

Partnering with the right 3PL can help your business overcome challenges, bring forward new opportunities and give you a competitive edge. An asset-backed 3PL like Werner understands your business because professional drivers are at the center of everything we do – it was even founded by one.

A 3PL provider helps you scale up your successful company. Expand your routes, freight, equipment and technology with a load board like Werner EDGE. This self-service platform aims to make it simple for carriers to book and manage freight:

  • All-in-one platform with easy navigation
  • Allows alliance carriers to search for, book and track loads
  • Provides smart recommendations based on previous booking history
  • Full transparency into rates and load details

Discover How to Grow Your Trucking Business with Werner

Use these five ways with the help of Werner, your third-party logistics provider, to make your company stand out. Connect with us to learn more about how to grow your trucking business with quality service, the latest equipment, premier technology and a strong community.

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