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10 Tips for Selecting a Load Board

Nov 18, 2021 | Logistics, Carriers

We know access to on-demand freight is an essential part of keeping your drivers moving and trailers full. With the current driver shortage, carriers must engage in the most advanced technologies to improve business efficiencies and stay competitive. While digital freight matching and load boards have surged in the last year, not all load boards are created equal. Often you may run into load boards that specialize in a certain area, which may or may not work based on your unique business needs.

When looking for load boards to support the growth of your business, below are ten questions one should ask to ensure the load board gives you the results you need.

Who is behind the development of the load board?

Is a name you trust behind the load board? Be sure to choose a digital load board that is backed by a company you trust. Technology, load offerings and customer service are all important considerations.

Is it easy to use?

When choosing a load board, look for a platform that is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You do not want to spend time navigating the site just to see where available loads or added features are located. The board should be working for you, not the other way around.

What features are available?

The load board you choose for your business should include the latest technology, including payment history, lane preferences, equipment type and historical loads.

How often is the board updated?

The trucking industry is constantly changing. Be sure your load board keeps you up to date and provides your organization with viable loads in real-time.

Can you book loads instantly?

We recognize that driving on empty is not what you want for your business. Allow yourself the opportunity to book the loads you need when you need them. Keep your organization moving by choosing a load board that enables you to reduce the number of deadhead miles incurred by offering a way to book loads instantly, 24/7.

What information is provided when searching for a load?

Does your load board provide full visibility on key load information, such as what you will carry and the required licenses? Be sure you are given all key load information before booking to ensure your drivers, equipment and location are ideal for your business.

Is customer service available? Can you or your drivers easily connect with a support team if something goes wrong?

Be sure that your load board has systems in place to assist you both on and off the road. You should have access to help you navigate the technology or provide you with more information about the load(s) itself.

How do the rates compare, and can you negotiate rates?

Pick the load board that offers comparable rates and the flexibility you deserve. Make sure to choose a load board that offers you rates that are within the industry average and does not over-charge.

How do you get paid, and when?

At Werner, we understand how important it is to ensure that carriers and professional drivers are taken care of.

Are costs involved that are hindering you from taking full advantage of the load board?

If the load board requires a fee, make sure the benefits provided offset the cost and align with your organization’s goals, such as offering loads that fit the specialty needs of your fleet.

We know access to on-demand freight helps you keep your business moving. Check out Werner EDGE for Carriers, powered by Werner Enterprises, and start booking loads now.

Visit Werner.com/Carriers to get started.

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