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Pathways to Freedom

Werner’s® Pathways to Freedom Recognition Program honors and recognizes the proactive efforts of our customers, vendors and PowerLink® carriers in establishing and maintaining strong anti-trafficking programs in their workplaces. This initiative celebrates a commitment by all of us to creating a safer and more ethical business environment by actively combating human trafficking and supporting victims’ rights.

Join the Pathways to Freedom Program

Join us in the fight and gain recognition through our three-tiered levals. By aligning with us, your organization will receive benefits such as event recognition, social media shoutouts and more as a testament to your commitment.

  • Trailblazer Level
  • Innovation Level
  • Impact Level

Community is a core value at Werner. We strive to make a difference and leave our communities better than we found them. By embracing collective responsibility, we are committed to fostering a culture of vigilance and proactive engagement against human trafficking within our industry and beyond. Our goal is to inspire YOU, our customers and vendors, to take a stand toward combatting human trafficking.

By achieving predefined standards and objectives, we can demonstrate an unwavering commitment to creating a safer, ethical and more humane supply chain.

Learn More about our Partners

Werner collaborates with these organizations in the fight against human trafficking. To learn more and access additional resources, visit their websites below.