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Werner Enterprises – Technology Advancements and Our Commitment to the Future

Technology enhancements continue to deliver benefits throughout the transportation and logistics industry. While many articles focus on using artificial intelligence or machine learning to deliver productivity enhancements, we wanted to recognize the enhancements focused on improving fuel efficiency and making our highways safer for other drivers. As market innovators, Werner Enterprises takes pride in going above and beyond in our commitment to technology and investing in the future. Learn more on how Werner is staying innovative and how that’s impacting our dedication to safety.

Werner Truck Technology

At Werner Enterprises, safety is our top priority. All Werner Enterprises tractors are late model, class 8 vehicles that employ the latest safety features from Freightliner, PACCAR, International and Volvo. The average age of our truck fleet is 1.8 years. Since 2007, Werner has reduced fuel consumption by 230 million gallons, lowered our carbon footprint by 2.5 million tons and improved our fuel efficiency by 25 percent. Werner Enterprises is a SmartWay Transport Partner and has won the SmartWay Excellence Award four times for the company’s efforts to produce more efficient and sustainable supply chain transportation solutions.

All Werner tractors are equipped with a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system. LDW systems like Detroit Assurance, Bendix AutoVue and Meritor OnGuard use a forward-facing camera that is mounted to the inside of the windshield. The camera can see the lane markings and warn the driver when he or she wanders from their lane unintentionally. In addition, a large number of LDW cameras also serve as critical event capture cameras. At Werner, we currently have more than 3,675 tractors equipped with forward-facing cameras capable of capturing critical event video. Trucks that experience a collision mitigation event, hard brake, or stability event, capture event video and transmit it to the Bendix Safety Direct Portal where our Safety Department can view and evaluate the incident.

Almost every Werner tractor is equipped with a Collision Mitigation System (CMS) from Detroit, Bendix or Meritor. Systems like Bendix Wingman Fusion can identify when there is an inadequate distance from the vehicle ahead and recognize when the gap is decreasing. When there is danger of imminent collision, the driver is provided with an audible warning and a visual alert. If the driver does not respond to the danger, the system can apply the service brakes and eliminate up to 35 miles per hour worth of speed in an attempt to prevent a collision from occurring. Another benefit of CMS is Adaptive Cruise Control. When the cruise control is on and set, the radar can control speed and following distance, reducing a driver’s workload inside the cab.

Driver Simulators

Professional drivers deserve the best training opportunities and tools to ensure they are safe out on the road each and every day. Werner is proud to offer a state-of-the-art virtual driving simulator at all of our terminal locations. In addition to our fixed terminal training, we also have three trailers with two simulators in each that bring this virtual training to the doorstep of those drivers that operate on an account that does not reach a terminal location. These simulators introduce drivers to real-world scenarios where they practice basic, intermediate and advanced driving skills.

Simulation is a proven technology and approach to advance a driver’s skillset and reaction time. Using simulators can train drivers on challenging maneuvers and hazardous road conditions in a safe environment, so they will know what to do when they experience issues out on the road. Through the progressive shifting basic program offered, drivers learn when to shift to maximize fuel efficiency. A skillset assessment provided at the end of the simulation will help drivers better understand how they are doing with defensive driving and overall decision-making. From there, we can develop a targeted training plan to focus on continuous improvement. With simulator technology, drivers will learn essential skills necessary to remain safe and accident-free.

Carrier Qualification Tools

Along with our initiatives on our asset side, Werner Logistics also strives to make safety a priority.  Werner Logistics completes numerous steps to ensure that the 25,000 alliance carriers we utilize match our standards. Our Carrier Qualifications Department is devoted to making sure our carriers have safe driving records and meet the proper insurance requirements. Werner Logistics stresses the importance of only approving qualified carriers to guarantee customer satisfaction and to utilize carriers that will stay safe on the roads.

Werner Logistics leverages state-of-the-art technology that will align with our dedication to only approving qualified carriers. For the onboarding process, our Carrier Qualifications Department uses RMIS, a third-party compliance service for brokers, shippers and 3PLs. RMIS, a leader in carrier monitoring, is efficient and allows for customization of the onboarding process to fit any business need. RMIS evaluates and applies Werner’s corporate risk policies and onboarding thresholds to all carriers before they can be approved. This tool ensures that carriers are compliant with DOT/FMCSA standards, have the necessary insurances, ratings, tax forms and validations. It also collects and monitors hazmat and CARB certifications and verifies that carriers agree with Werner’s Terms of Service.

All carriers are actively monitored for insurance, authority and safety ratings. If a carrier changes any of its contact information, RMIS asks for confirmation from the known carrier. If a carrier at any point becomes non-compliant, the system automatically puts them on hold. Therefore, utilizing the latest technology supports our carrier onboarding process, which aligns with our safety practices.

As technology evolves, Werner continues to be a market leader and innovator in the industry. Werner’s technology enhancements exemplify our commitment to making our highways safer every day. Stay tuned for more blog posts on updates regarding our dedication to investing in the future.

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