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New Additions to Our Load Board – Werner EDGE for Carriers

At Werner Enterprises, we take pride in the personal relationships we have with our customers and carriers. We value their feedback and dialogue to make sure our technology solutions are exactly what they want and need. That’s what makes our load board, Werner EDGE for Carriers, stand out – the fact that it’s feedback-driven from the people that use it every day.

With that, our commitment to the carrier experience has inspired us to continue to evolve our load board to do so much more than provide a simple search for available loads.

Werner EDGE for Carriers was launched to empower carriers to:

  • View and book loads instantaneously
  • Provide complete transparency into rates and load details
  • Access booking history
  • Customize lane preferences

What’s Next?

Our innovative team of technology experts is working on a new and improved freight negotiation feature that will enable you to receive communication more quickly and easily about the freight you want to move. Here at Werner, we are committed to providing seamless communication so alliance carriers can receive the premium customer service they deserve. The goal of this feature is to enhance that experience.

Another feature that we’re excited about is the addition of notifications for best-matched loads. Werner’s load board has a multitude of loads to choose from with various equipment options. This feature will allow us to recommend loads that match the type of freight you are willing and able to move to save you time and energy. Our team is passionate about continuing to build that relationship and providing you with easy ways to send us your available capacity and lane preferences.

Ultimately, at Werner, customer service is in our DNA. As we continue to see demand in the transportation industry, we recognize and appreciate our alliance carriers’ hard work and service and want to reward them with early access to freight. Our preferred carriers will be able to see loads hit the board before anyone else and will have access to Book It Now so they can keep their trucks moving.

Get Started

Whether you utilize our free load board, are working directly with a Werner carrier representative, or both, Werner employs 13,000 associates that understand the industry inside and out. We are experts committed to helping you grow your business.

To continue to improve the experience and ease of load booking, we are looking for your feedback! Try out our load board today, or request a demo.

Together, let’s Keep America Moving.

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