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Event Resolution Systems Improve Driver Safety

In an ideal world, drivers would not experience on-the-road maintenance events. Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to prevent all road incidents, event with a strong predictive maintenance system in place.

For those times when unplanned maintenance is required, transportation companies need to make sure they have a solid event resolution system (ERS) in place. This includes both the right team members and the right technology systems to streamline the process and make it as frictionless as possible.

For instance, Werner has around 60 associates on our Road Breakdown team. These employees help drivers with everything from minor maintenance services to major equipment failures using Werner’s Event Resolution System.

They handle driver requests, proactive and predictive needs identified by original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and scheduled maintenance needs. This team also handles estimate review, invoice detailing and warranty filing through cloud based ERS workflows.

Building the Right Event Resolution System

Werner refers to the time a driver spends waiting for someone to address a maintenance request as dwell time. Since the introduction of Werner EDGE and the Werner Event Resolution System, we have reduced this time by over 50%.

Werner’s ERS collects driver maintenance requests through the Werner EDGE platform and provides agents with a three-step workflow for addressing them. We provide visibility around equipment, driver, location, and trip data to ensure that the driver’s need is addressed in full, and that down time is minimized as much as possible.

In addition, over the past few years, we’ve strategically integrated with several other organizations to maximize our ERS’s capability.

For example, Werner’s integration with Navistar I360 allows us to automatically send repair information to Navistar dealers across the country, improving data visibility on both the OEM and fleet fronts, while also reducing dwell time.

Werner has also integrated with Daimler Trucks North America and Decisiv Technologies to eliminate lengthy phone calls, increase uptime and keep our drivers moving. Previously, a single phone call to an OEM could take anywhere from 10-12 minutes, and subsequent phone calls were used within the estimation, invoicing and warranty processes. With our integrations, phone calls are eliminated, drivers are served faster so agents can address a higher volume of repair needs. Our partnership with Decisiv Technologies took it one step further by allowing us to expand our vendor repair network to more than 13,000 repair shops.

Removing Friction from On-the-Road Events

At the end of the day, even the best predictive technologies can’t always account for outside factors that may cause an on the road maintenance event. When this happens, an effective event resolution system is critical to remove as much friction from the process as possible so that drivers can safely return to the road faster.

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