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7 Things Veterans Should Consider Before Becoming a Truck Driver

Jul 30, 2021 | Veteran, Truck Drivers

Veterans are joining the trucking sector in masses due to the freedom and flexibility that this industry provides. With their military precision and attention to detail, these heroes help to keep America moving. Werner is proud to have veterans making up approximately 20% of our organization’s professional driver community.

The choice to be a trucker provides veterans with the ability to work independently once they have been assigned their haul and route. The punctuality and time-consciousness that unifies veterans allows them to excel in a career in truck driving. Many veterans pride themselves on being able to meet deadlines in a safe and timely manner while providing a high level of professionalism with every task that they are given, skillsets that would make them flourish in a truck driving vocation.

Veterans are a fundamental part of the workforce at Werner Enterprises, and you can click here to listen to one Veteran’s explanation of why truck driving is a great fit for those with a military background.

What to Look for in a Trucking Company

It is important to find an employer that will find ways to highlight the importance of military members of staff in their organization. But how do you find a trucking company that provides you with the respect, salary, and career progression you deserve?

Here are seven tips for veterans considering a job in trucking:

#1. Reputation

Work for an organization that respects your previous service to the country. The length of time a transportation company has been in business can be an indicator of a company with a good reputation. For example, Werner Enterprises has been in business for over 65 years; this doesn’t happen without developing a good reputation over the years!

#2. A Company That Celebrates the Military Community

As a veteran, you need a company that supports the military community.  Werner Enterprises provides apprenticeship programs and other initiatives for Veterans to grow their career. You can also apply for a military skills test waiver which allows service members who are currently licensed and who are or were employed within the past year in a military motor vehicle equivalent to a CMV to apply for a Class A CDL.

#3. Support

Look for an employer that provides you with ongoing support so you can talk to a team member whenever and wherever you are on the road. Werner Enterprises provides their veteran drivers with a central point of contact for military issues and assistance led by veteran associates. Werner provides drivers with the latest digital technology. Werner drivers also enjoy Drive Werner Pro; a proprietary driver app developed to provide support, serve as an information hub and enhance the driver’s communication experience.

Search for veteran trucking jobs at Werner now. 

#4. Equipment

A clean and safe truck will make your job as a trucker so much easier. Werner maintains an industry-low average truck age of 2 years and trailer age of 4 years. Veterans who work for Werner Enterprises have the opportunity to join the Operation Freedom Fleet, which consists of trucks that honor and support our service members through a variety of military-themed tributes. Werner Enterprises provides drivers with the accolade of being able to drive this prestigious vehicle. As a former military personnel, you likely have developed habits and skills around taking care of equipment, and you will appreciate a company who provides the newest trucks and trailers equipped with all the latest technology to help you do your job efficiently and safely. Read more about Werner’s equipment and the technology used to ensure drivers have every tool they need to keep America moving.

#5. Freedom

Becoming a professional truck driver gives you freedom. The best transportation companies have many options available, so you can choose the type of truck driving job that fits your lifestyle. Whether you want to be out on the road for weeks at a time or prefer to be home every night, Werner provides many opportunities to fit your life.

#6. Benefits

Choose a trucking company that provides you with healthcare benefits. Werner provides its drivers with an impressive range of benefits, including the aforementioned, as well as dental insurance, vision insurance, and more.  You should also select an organization with a 401k package and employee stock purchase plan to secure your financial future.

#7. Honor 

Look for a company that doesn’t just talk about honoring veterans but also puts that into action. For example, Werner Enterprises celebrates veteran associates by providing them with special initiatives that are aimed to support military personnel. You can look forward to events, such as Military Appreciation Night at Werner Park and Veterans Day celebrations. These are just a few examples of the ways that Werner chooses to honor veteran employees.

Final Word

Not all trucking companies are the same. As a veteran, you warrant an organization with an excellent reputation that provides support, freedom, and benefits. It’s also important they provide you with the newest equipment available. Follow the tips above whether you’re looking for your next trucking job or your first. Good luck!

Werner Enterprises is proud to have been the recipient of the 2021 Military Friendly Employer, Brand, Company, Supplier Diversity Program, and Spouse Employer awards. In 2020, Werner was named as a Military Times Best for Vets Employers. View a full list of Werner’s military awards.

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