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Werner Road Team Captains: Gina Jones

Feb 28, 2023 | Truck Drivers

Werner’s Road Team Captains are a leading group of professional drivers who go above and beyond to assist other drivers and educate the general public on safe driving habits to create a better driving experience for all. They mentor other drivers through their personal experiences to help their fellow drivers build safe and successful careers. 

Werner’s 2022-2023 Road Team Captain, Gina Jones, is a prominent member of the company’s talented driver team. Her path to trucking makes her a bit unique, making a career change later in life. In 2012, at 50, she decided to get her CDL license and leave her career in retail management behind. She drives on a team with her husband, Steve, who served as her leader and mentor when she first came out of driving school.

In addition to her service as a Werner Road Team Captain, Gina is currently a Road Team Captain for the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) America’s Road Team. She drives Expedited for UPS and Operation Freedom 23.

Gina leads by example, beginning with her impressive safety record. Her greatest accomplishment is the more than 1.2 million miles she has driven accident and incident free – she beams with pride whenever the subject arises.

She is also a role model for her healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Mental health today is essential, especially for professional drivers, who can spend long periods on the road and away from home. Gina is a supportive foundation for her peers, community and family. Gina and Steve ensure they exercise daily to stay active.

Gina is an active community member, and her work goes beyond her services for Werner and ATA. She is also involved in a motorcycle club that fundraises to support homeless veterans and provides meals to those in need during Thanksgiving.

Gina is also an excellent example of a strong female leader in a predominantly male industry. Fifteen percent of Werner drivers are female, more than twice that of female drivers from 13 years ago. Many of our new female drivers gravitate to Gina for advice, and she is always willing to assist them and provide recommendations. Her outgoing and positive personality influences any environment she’s in, and she aims to support anyone asking for or needing assistance. She sets an excellent example for anyone looking to make a positive mark on the industry.

Gina has extensive training from the ATA and Werner in promoting safety and a positive public image of trucking. As a member of the ATA’s America’s Road Team, she participates in many of their events, promoting safety and improving the public image of the trucking industry.

Since beginning her trucking career, she has been awarded Werner Team Driver of the Month. We’re not the only ones who think she’s incredible, either. In 2021, she was nominated for the Acceleration Award and the Women in Trucking Female Truck Driver of the Year.

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