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Top Five Cooking Supplies for Truck Drivers

May 27, 2021 | Truck Drivers

Spending days, sometimes weeks traveling America’s roadways can be demanding, and it’s important to fuel your body with ingredients that will keep you energized. Cooking or preparing healthy meals in your truck will not only save you money but will also give you the energy you need to feel comfortable on the road.

We asked Werner professional driver Thea C. about the top five cooking supplies all truck drivers should keep in their truck to cook tasty and healthy meals. The key to it all? It’s all about preparing your meals! Make grocery shopping a routine that keeps you on track and away from fast food restaurants. When considering appliances for your truck, keep in mind the power draw that comes with their use and ensure they are not fully draining the batteries. Please remember to utilize the idle management system to keep the batteries charged. Also, keep safety in mind and make sure appliances are plugged in correctly, used correctly and never left unattended while plugged in.


Keep it cool. The first essential item a driver should always have in their truck is a refrigerator with a freezer. They easily plug into an inverter or power strip. Thea encourages drivers to buy vegetables in bulk, pre-cook them and then put them in the freezer, that way all you have to do is thaw them and add them to any dish. A refrigerator is also a great place to store easy snacks, drinks and pre-made meals. Always remember to keep safety first and ensure the refrigerator is properly secured, which may require a trip to the shop.

George Foreman Grill

Spinach quesadillas, chicken parmesan, grilled chicken, shrimp, steak, you name it, Thea has cooked it on her George Foreman. The best part about this small electric grill is that you can cook some of your favorite dishes in half the time, it’s easy to store and when turned off, can fit in many small storage spaces in your truck.


Clever tip for more than just for cooking.  For drivers on the road, a microwave can serve many purposes. Not only can it heat your food, but it can also help you clean dishes. Thea uses a microwave-safe bowl to boil water and pours it in a basin to wash her dishes.


Slow and steady – cooking on the go! Another favorite cooking item while on the road is a Crockpot or sometimes referred to as a slow cooker. Crockpots are a great way to prep a tasty meal in a hurry. You plug it in and dump your ingredients, strap down the lid and store it in a safe location on your truck. Thea says she makes the best chicken and biscuits in her Crockpot, and it makes her truck smell so good, just like her kitchen at home.

Bowls and Utensils

It’s not finger food. The last essential all truck drivers need in their truck, bowls and utensils. If you buy reusable utensils and microwave-safe bowls, you can use them to cook and eat with. It saves you money as well, so you don’t have to continue buying paper or plastic products and it’s better for the environment. Plus, as mentioned earlier, there’s a way to do your dishes easily while in your cab.

A Few More Tips

Who has time to grocery shop? Your transportation manager will work with you to make sure you have time to park your truck and go to the grocery store. Keep a set of reusable bags on your truck so it’s easier to transport your groceries to your truck, they’re easier to carry and environmentally friendly.

Being healthy on the road is extremely important, and Werner is here to support you on your journey. Thea says cooking on her truck is a way to bring a little piece of home with her. “We live our lives on the road. For me, cooking on my truck is a way to bring a piece of home with me everywhere I go.”

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