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Top 3 Advantages of Team Driving

Aug 6, 2021 | Truck Drivers

It’s no secret that there are many advantages to team driving, such as having someone to help you plan your trips, enhanced productivity, and with the truck constantly on the move this seamless process results in more miles and an increase in pay.

However, when most people think of a driving duo, they picture a couple, a parent-child team, or siblings. When it comes to taking on the open road, it can be equally enjoyable with an acquaintance with whom you share similar interests and lifestyle patterns.

For individuals that want to be a team driver, but don’t have anyone who is prepared to embark on this journey with them that can be discouraging.  Don’t let the absence of a partner keep you from being a team driver. The sky is your limit and Werner’s Matching Program helps you get there!

How does the program work?

Since 2019, almost 3,000 individuals have been matched using our driver partnering system. Drivers are compared on a variety of compatibility criteria, such as how often they take home time, whether they have pets and if they prefer to drive during the day or night, to name a few examples.

A driver who is interested in team driving will be sent a questionnaire by the Driver Placement team. The survey is comprised of an extensive list of questions that aims to identify what is most important to each individual when finding an associate to work with. Some of the questions asked are, ‘how much experience do you have in the trucking industry?’ and ‘what concerns do you have about teaming up?’

Once drivers have completed the survey, our system calculates compatibility rates, and individuals are matched depending on the results of their questionnaire and the area in which they live. Drivers are then told about potential matches and it is up to them to contact their colleagues and decide whether they would still like to team up and with whom.

The Vice President of Driver Recruiting at Werner, Chris Polenz, remarks that driving as a team is “a great way for newer drivers in the industry to have a partner when exploring all the different aspects of over the road trucking.” Werner’s Team Driver Matching Program has a 90 percent success rate in helping drivers to find a colleague that can join them on the road! Whether you live in a large city or a small town, we’ve got you covered.

Three advantages to team driving

  1. A longer length of haul and even distribution of pay. When driving as a team with Werner Enterprises, pay is attributed to the truck. This means that you will get a proportionate salary based on how many miles the truck travels as opposed to the number of hours that each individual drives. We want to ensure that our drivers are fairly compensated for their hard work and the more miles you get collectively, the higher your pay will be when it is split between both individuals.
  2. Teams are prioritized. Team drivers can look forward to the best that Werner has to offer, such as the newer equipment. The majority of accounts that team drivers work on consist of drop and hook freight which means you can enjoy the convenience of a no-touch experience while delivering your load.
  3. Safety in numbers. Being able to collaborate with a coworker is a benefit of team driving. Not only will you have the additional security of knowing that someone is with you but you also have an extra set of eyes on the road which increases safety and you have a spotter when backing your trailer!

Life on the road is great, but it’s even better when you have someone to share it with. If you would like to work on an account that requires team drivers but are unsure of how to find a match, contact the driver placement team or fill out the short form application below to get started!

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