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How to Pay for Your Child’s Education by Working at Werner

Dec 21, 2021 | Truck Drivers

Whether you’re an experienced truck driver or are considering getting your start in this career, there’s never been a better time than now to apply at Werner. With the current national truck driver shortage still in effect, there is an enormous demand for truckers this year. In addition, Werner is now offering significant benefits to attract and retain experienced drivers. One very significant benefit you should know about is the financial help you’ll get if you—or your children—want to go to college. If this sounds like a perk you might be excited to take advantage of, check out how it works and what other benefits you’ll get when you are a professional truck driver for Werner.

What to Know About the Career Currency Benefit at Werner

Many big companies have realized the importance of offering financial help with college for employees and their families. But in most cases, this benefit comes as tuition reimbursement, which prevents some people from using it because of the upfront cost and complicated process of getting reimbursed. At Werner, we want to make sure employees can easily take advantage of all our employee perks, including tuition help. That’s why we’ve recently partnered with the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) to offer this benefit to any driver regardless of where they live.

Referred to as “Career Currency,” this program provides upfront funding for college expenses, so employees don’t have to seek reimbursement from their employer. This benefit is offered for either undergraduate or graduate school through UNO, which has over 200 programs to choose from.

With Career Currency, you’ll get perks that you won’t see from just any employer. For example, you’ll get discounted tuition rates, and any administrative or registration-based fees will be waived for you. Besides these perks, Werner will pay up to $2,500 per calendar year—which is about 12 credit hours—per associate. And you can count on Werner to pay the school directly, so you don’t need to pay upfront and then go through the reimbursement procedure like you would with other companies.

Besides these financial benefits, you’ll also get some help to sign up for college. To start, through this program, you can expect expedited admissions to UNO, as well as access to a dedicated concierge team that can provide you with academic support resources as needed. And finally, you can pass these perks on to your family, meaning if your child wants to attend college, you can apply the Career Currency to them. So whether you’re a driver, technician or Roadmaster instructional services associate, you and your family can get financial help with college.

What Sets Werner’s Benefits Apart from Other Companies?

While more and more employers are offering tuition reimbursement these days, most are unwilling to pay the school directly, as Werner will. When you work with Werner and enjoy the Career Currency benefit, getting financial help for college is a quick, seamless process that you won’t get with many other companies. Plus, passing this benefit on to your kids is a big perk that few employers are offering. This means working with Werner is a great way to pay for your child’s education now or in the near future.

Of course, this is only one of the latest perks offered by Werner. There are several other benefits to look forward to as a Werner employee, starting with the competitive salaries. In fact, over half of our drivers make more than $75,000, with our top 25 percent making more than $85,000.

Many positions at Werner feature a sign-on bonus. And some accounts let you get paid weekly, meaning you can expect anywhere from $1,000 to $1,350 every week, depending on the account you’re working on at Werner. We also offer other benefits, such as health, dental and vision insurance, as well as life insurance and disability. Plus, we offer HSA programs, employee stock purchase plans, a 401(k) plan and more.

We want your time at Werner to be pleasant and productive, so you can expect p