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Are You Considering Team Truck Driving?

May 22, 2021 | Truck Drivers

For many drivers, driving as a team is an ideal situation. Knowing your partner has your back can ease the pressure that can come with life alone on the road, plus make for plenty of adventures and memorable stops along the way. Team truck driving can be a great option for couples or solo drivers who would like a partner to share the road with, and the financial benefits are attractive as well.

For those who do not have a team driver to join in the cab, some companies, such as Werner Enterprises, offer team driver matching. Werner’s Team Driver Matching Program matches you with a driver who has similar interests such as veteran status, hobbies and a series of other similarities that surface from a questionnaire that prospective team drivers fill out.

Team trucking is not new, but it is gaining popularity. There are many advantages to teaming up. Some benefits of working with a partner on the road include:

  • Priority load planning and support
  • Longer lengths of haul
  • A higher percentage of no-touch freight

It’s easy to see how these benefits can translate into less time wasted and more dollars in your pocket. Team drivers are sought to haul high-priority freight. This is resulting in a high demand for teams.

CDL Team Drivers sought for high-priority jobs

CDL team truck driving is a great option and a win-win for the driver, the customer and the trucking industry as a whole because it results in better productivity and increased driver satisfaction. Teams can haul longer and take on high-priority loads.

How does team truck driving work?

Team truck driving is a partnership between two drivers and requires a lot of communication. Since one driver can rest while the other drives, discussions on who prefers night driving versus day driving and other general living habits need to occur at the very beginning of the team driving experience. There are many benefits to team driving. If there is a problem on the road, you are never alone. Teams can make more money, too, get premium loads and miles, and have new equipment and trucks available to them.

What is the team truck driving lifestyle?

Teams find different ways to share the workload while planning stopovers and trips in the destination cities and towns they’re visiting. Planning ahead, right down to deciding who will shower first, who will cook and how they will define their space, is very important when starting out as a Team driver.

We’ve seen many couples become team truck drivers. Couples can earn a very comfortable income in the $120,000 – 150,000 range while enjoying an independent and unique lifestyle. Many couples find traveling the country together while earning a great wage to be a very fulfilling and enjoyable career together.

Truck driving can allow people to explore places and have opportunities they might not otherwise have. Life on the road can be much more rewarding with a partner to share it with. Some Teams even have a furry companion or two to keep things interesting!

“The reason we decided to join Werner was to Team.” Steve, a Werner team driver. Check out this video of truck driving team and married couple, Steve and Gina, discussing life on the road and the financial benefits of team truck driving.

Truck driving teams are essential

As the literal backbone of our national supply and distribution system, truckers move 70% of all the goods transported in the United States and have been deemed essential workers. The economy would not function without truckers to move goods, so truckers earn a comfortable living wage, beating the average worker’s wage and matching what a manager would receive in service, hospitality and retail.

The good news for new drivers looking for stable work is that there is currently a persistent shortage of drivers, particularly as the existing workforce retires, meaning there is room for newcomers. Because teams are sought after for priority hauls, whether you are new to trucking or a seasoned driver, team truck driving can give you an advantage when competing for jobs.

Veterans team-up on the road

Team driving is a great option for former military members who want to share the load with a fellow veteran or a spouse. Werner has been recognized by several national awards as being an outstanding military-friendly employer. Since 2 out of 10 Werner drivers are veterans, they might even be able to team you up through their Team Matching Program!

Is team truck driving right for you?

Are you wondering if team truck driving could be a good option for you?

Each team is unique, but here are some characteristics successful teams often share:

  • Flexibility and a willingness to try new things
  • Hobbies or interests like hiking or music
  • Mutual respect and trust

Like any partnership, a sense of humor and willingness to adapt are helpful. With the right attitude and flexibility, working on a team brings many benefits, including better earnings and overall happiness.

Many drivers appreciate knowing someone always has their back which can reduce some of the pressure of life on the road.“If it’s snowing and we have to put chains on, we can do it together.” Gina, a Werner team driver.

Getting started as a team driver

In conclusion, all the benefits of truck driving—financial security, good benefits and an independent lifestyle—can be accomplished through team driving. Truck driving is a reliable way to earn a steady income and having a partner at your side can be the best of both worlds–having a companion and being independent. Choosing the right partner is important, and while adapting to life together on the road might have a few bumps along the way, driving as part of a team can be a very rewarding lifestyle.

Whether you are a Werner driver thinking about teaming up with a driver you already know, or looking for a driver to partner with, Werner can help! Now is a great time to join the Werner family.

Want assistance finding a teammate? Use Werner’s Team Driver Match program to connect and find tips for success in starting team trucking or visit the Team Truck Driving Opportunities page to find out our benefits of team driving.

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