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Werner Logistics: How Our Award-Winning Logistics Team Came Together

Mar 11, 2021 | Logistics

One of the many great aspects of a career in the transportation and logistics industry is that it is not black and white. Everyone has a different story about where they came from, why they pursued this career choice and how they grew both professionally and personally. We asked a few of our team members at Werner Logistics to share their journey and give some advice for those that are just starting out.

Meet the Team

Bounny is a regional logistics manager at our Toronto office and has been with Werner Logistics for nearly eight years. After graduating from Fanshawe College with a major in Business Marketing, he started his sales career selling life insurance as a part of a post-college graduate program. He then pursued a career in automotive sales before shifting his career to logistics in 1999. Bounny is known for his energetic personality, great sense of humor and for being a cross-border expert when it comes to shipping loads in and out of Canada.


Jessica is an account manager at our Chicago office and has been with Werner Logistics for over two years. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a marketing degree and expected she would have a career in advertising. She was then approached by a recruiter and ended up working for a 3PL. This allowed her to work in a variety of roles and live in numerous states, which was something she always wanted to do. Jessica is known for her industry knowledge, problem-solving skills and providing solutions to her customers.


Ruben is a regional capacity manager and works in McAllen, Texas. Ruben has always valued hard work and started working at a very young age by selling pecans and oranges in his neighborhood. He held several jobs and was able to start college at the age of 17, where he studied international business. Ruben’s biggest influence in the transportation industry was his dad, who was a professional driver. After some years of industry experience and earning a master’s degree, Ruben paved his own way in the transportation and logistics industry. He is known for his great work-ethic, cross-border expertise and positive attitude.


Shelby is a project manager in our Intermodal department in Omaha, Nebraska, and has been with the Company for three years. Shelby attended college in Columbus, Nebraska to play softball and graduated with her associate’s degree. After working in the childcare industry for a few years, she decided it was time for a career change and got a job with Werner. Since then, she has held various positions in the Company, such as a customer service assistant, customer service manager and project manager. Shelby is known for her attention to detail, laser-focus on service and being a team player.

Why do you like the transportation and logistics industry?

“I knew absolutely nothing about transportation and logistics until I started my first job booking trucks. Being a part of a supply chain is fascinating, as you have a front-row seat in how goods move across the world. The ability to develop lasting relationships, gain experience in domestic and international business and feed an entrepreneurial spirit on a daily basis is very rewarding.” – Jessica

“The transportation and logistics industry is a very generous industry that provides for everyone. It is an industry that requires people to work with tenacity, vision and a desire to grow. Our industry is always working for our community; when hurricanes hit, when a pandemic comes, when scarcity attacks our supermarkets and when the freezing temperatures impact our nation. Those challenging situations remind me of why I am proud to Keeping America Moving.” – Ruben

What’s your favorite part about the culture at Werner?

“My favorite part about the culture at Werner is our people and the team members I get to work with. Everyone has a great attitude and works hard to provide the highest level of service for our customers and carriers.” – Bounny

“When I went to our headquarters in Omaha for the first time for my job interview, I knew this is the type of organization that I deserve to be in. An organization with a vision, a healthy and positive environment and a place that cares about its team. On my first day, I saw different examples of people willing to help others, I saw very happy faces and people working in different types of environments: at a desk, at a conference room, even at a treadmill, and that showed me that Werner finds creative ways to do what’s best for its team.” – Ruben

“I love watching our Chicago team grow. I have been working from home during the pandemic but am eager to get back in the office with my teammates. Creating a great team culture that works hard but can have a lot of fun together is a culture in which I thrive in. Werner allows us to build that type of culture every day.” – Jessica

“I enjoy that it challenges me and that my team and I work closely together to come up with solutions. Recently, a class 1 railroad closed down for 72 hours. Our team all worked together to figure out what the best decision would be and how to handle it. The days are always interesting, and seeing the outcome after we all work together is worth it.” – Shelby

What’s your advice to new or incoming talent?

“This industry always keeps you on your toes! Not every day is the same, and there’s never a dull moment. Your attitude and positive energy are very important. Don’t be complacent, keep pushing for more!” – Bounny

“My advice would be to believe in yourself and take a chance. I had no background in transportation and I was nervous to start a job I knew nothing about. The trainers here are great and still, after being here for three years, I am learning new things. The team is there for YOU. Recently, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone to make my own decisions. And because of a supervisor I had, I am now a Project Manager. She was more confident in me than I was in myself which says a lot! Everyone is here to help you succeed, so take a chance!”- Shelby

Interested in a rewarding career that will always push you to learn more and challenge yourself? Visit WernerCareers.com for your next opportunity.

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