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3 Important Lessons I Learned at My Summer Internship at Werner Enterprises

Aug 10, 2021 | Logistics

Written by Bethany, Werner Enterprises Summer Intern

During my internship at Werner Enterprises, I was exposed to the many facets that work together to execute a successful transportation and logistics company. Werner Enterprises is an industry-leading carrier that is at the forefront of innovation and maintains driver-facing ideals. It is clear that the associates in the office or on the road are all valued and essential to “Keep America Moving.” The dedication and passion that all associates possess are evidence of Werner Enterprises’ ability to retain and develop talent.

Lesson One: Have a Forward-Facing Mentality

One of the biggest lessons I have learned at Werner Enterprises is that the Company and associates alike have a “forward-facing” mentality. The idea to perpetuate excellence and innovation is apparent in every aspect of the Company. It’s clear that for every innovation and advancement that Werner makes, the roots of where the Company started and the core values of what the Company stands for grows stronger and more sturdy. In addition, forward-thinking conversations are happening on every floor, in every department- finding solutions to industry problems and discussing ways that Werner can continue to be the very best. Werner Enterprises has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry with state-of-the-art technology, best-in-class customer service and employee satisfaction. I have learned that having a “forward-facing” mentality encourages growth and sets you apart from the competition. This “forward-facing” ideal has enabled superior research, development and implementation along with the personal development of associates.

Lesson Two: Be Driver-Focused

Werner Enterprises was founded by CL Werner, who began the Company as a driver with only one truck and a dream. I have learned that the Company has a unique bond with its professional drivers because of how the Company was founded. It’s just as important to care for the associates who are on the road as for the associates sitting around you. It is apparent that each driver is valued and appreciated at Werner Enterprises, and the Company does all that it can to promote safety and service for everyone. Werner gives great care for the drivers’ safety and happiness- as we are all aware that without the driver, we would not be able to “Keep America Moving.” In order to do this, Werner drivers are equipped with some of the best tools and technology that the industry has to offer. In addition, there is a team of people who works behind each driver to help them achieve success, and this was a major lesson to learn. Werner Enterprises has a dedication to service and to the drivers who deliver that service. As the Company expands and grows, leadership ensures that the “driver-facing” mentality never gets lost.

Lesson Three: Be Yourself and Ask Questions

There is nothing worse than going somewhere and having to change who you are to fit in. At Werner, you are encouraged to “bring your whole self to work.” I have learned that I value working for a company that celebrates individualism. Diversity in the workplace has resulted in exciting and innovative ideas that could only have come from the collaboration of different associates who have led different lives in different cultures. Before Werner, I had never encountered a company where associates were so distinct as individuals but, when brought together, form an entity that moves and works in perfect unison. When I walk through the doors of Werner Enterprises, I never have to leave any part of myself at home, and I am proud to work for a company that makes its associates feel so accepted. Werner encourages me to be myself, and ask questions and I have never felt more comfortable seeking help or asking for more explanation. Throughout all levels of leadership- you will find genuine people who seek to help. I have learned to be confident when I ask questions, and I have learned that “mistakes are learning opportunities.”

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