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Engaging with Salesforce and Workiva for a Greener Future

Oct 11, 2023 | ESG, Werner Blog

Our Werner DRIVE℠ (Durable, Results, Innovation, Values and ESG) framework helps us consistently deliver value to and exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders, both internally and externally. Through our ESG-specific efforts, we commit to building a sustainable future for all. That includes our goal to achieve a 55 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

With that in mind, we identified immediate needs for precise, real-time ESG data and efficient, accurate self-reporting.

Knowing the importance of getting things right with ESG reporting, we conducted extensive research to find the right business organizations and software for our ESG capture and reporting needs. And at the end of last year, we took a large step towards completing that goal.

In December 2022, we announced our implementation of Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud with Workiva’s reporting platform, allowing us to quickly track, analyze and report reliable environmental data, further accelerating our progress towards our sustainability goals.

Power in Collaboration
The transportation sector is one of the world’s largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. As an industry leader, Werner is responsible for setting the standards for success. Transparent reporting and accessible data are critical for demonstrating accountability and measuring progress. We knew from the beginning that not all solutions could be, nor should be, built in-house.

Rather than spending time and resources developing a tool similar to what was already on the market, we realized it would be more prudent to work with existing products and customize them to fit our needs. Engaging with Salesforce and Workiva allowed us to combine our industry knowledge with their tested solutions to create the best platform to accurately measure and track our ESG progress.

Challenges of ESG Reporting
In a recent report from IBM, more than 40 percent of executives cite data as the top barrier to ESG progress. The report found difficulties around data consolidation, significant amounts of manual data, and poor transparency in data calculations were some of the most prominent hurdles. Obstacles like these have led to 63 percent of decision-makers feeling unprepared to meet their ESG goals, according to a separate report by Workiva.

Instead, maybe we state something along the lines of the fact that we are a big portion of our customers’ Scope 3 emissions and we are working closely with our customers to provide accurate data for their Scope 3 reporting. Our work to collect and measure also helps us “help” others in their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions.

But despite challenges, ESG reporting can bring enormous benefits to businesses. Scope 3 emissions reporting is a great example, as it is one of the most challenging yet essential component of ESG reporting. Transportation and trucking can greatly contribute to Scope 3 emissions, and we are working with our customers to provide accurate data for their Scope 3 reporting needs. Our work to collect and measure supports our customers and partners in their overall goals to reduce carbon emissions.

Salesforce/Workiva’s platform recognizes these challenges and powers transparent reporting by allowing customers to streamline the flow of data, ensure accuracy to meet evolving ESG disclosure requirements and validate data.

What’s Next
As pressure mounts for companies to self-report to customers, investors and policymakers, it is increasingly important for businesses to utilize their resources to overcome similar challenges and make better, data-driven decisions.

We are incredibly proud of our recent progress toward a more sustainable future and we continue to explore and implement new solutions that help decarbonize our operations. By engaging with Salesforce and Workiva, we have a clear path towards measuring against these goals, helping to highlight the impact of steps we have already taken and will continue to take towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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