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Benefits for a Small Carrier to Partner with an Asset-Based 3PL

Nov 10, 2020 | Logistics, Carriers

In the transportation and logistics industry, professional drivers are at the center of everything we do. As a small-to-medium-sized carrier, it’s important to partner with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that understands your business. At Werner Enterprises, we understand drivers because our company was founded by one. Partnering with an asset-based 3PL can help your business overcome challenges and bring exciting opportunities.

Access to Premier Technology

Many asset-based 3PLs offer proprietary technology solutions to make your life as a business owner easier. At Werner, we understand that it’s not always about the next load and that it’s also important to provide useful information to our carriers such as parking, truck stop locations, fuel prices, weigh scales and more. Therefore, Werner Logistics teamed up with Trucker Tools, an interactive mobile application for drivers and carriers to provide helpful resources, plus the ability to find and book freight. The Book it Now feature lets you book a load quickly and easily right at the palm of your hand.

Access to Freight

As a small business owner, you can focus on your business goals and let a 3PL handle the rest. Asset-backed 3PLs typically have many connections to both large and small customers, which can provide a multitude of opportunities to fit any need you are trying to fulfill.

At Werner, we are a driver-focused company with more than 64 years of industry experience, and our team of experts is eager to provide the best options to our carrier-base. Werner values strong carrier relationships and customer service. We carry those values over to our most strategic and loyal carriers by offering early access to freight opportunities through our technology and/or through a personal capacity manager.

Access to Power Only Opportunities

As a company that truly respects and cares about the success of our carriers, we understand the barriers to entering the market. Diversifying your fleet can be a huge advantage through different market flips and turns.

Werner’s Power Only program allows carriers to utilize our 24,000-trailer network without having to worry about trailer or maintenance cost. Werner provides numerous options to keep drivers on the road, whether it’s regional, long-haul, solo or teams. You can count on consistent and driver friendly drop and hook freight, a dedicated point of contact and 24/7 staffing to support your every need.

Access to Equipment

Unlike traditional brokers, an asset-based 3PL has unique offerings that may be of interest to carriers, like a fleet sales program. Werner’s fleet sales program has a large selection of inventory that consists of both trucks and trailers. This program provides you with opportunities to buy or lease late-model, low-mileage equipment with all the safety features, many times still under factory warranty. All of the equipment is fleet maintained and goes through a full preparation process before delivery to the new owner.

Ultimately, as a small-to-medium sized carrier, partnering with an asset-backed 3PL that truly understands your business can be a major competitive advantage. For more information on how to join the team that keeps America moving, click here.

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