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Why Become a Werner Alliance Carrier

Jul 25, 2023 | Carriers

At Werner, our network of more than 70,000 alliance carriers allow shippers to move freight across North America on time and safely. As an asset-based logistics provider we work with carriers across North America who meet our standards for excellence and can help us move freight for our customers. For carriers looking for a relationship with a logistics provider for the long term, check out some key details below on why you should consider becoming an alliance carrier for Werner.

Consistent Freight Options
We recognize the importance of providing consistent freight for our alliance carriers. When working with Werner, we help keep trailers full and professional drivers moving with consistently awarded lanes, ad-hoc freight to fill any spot needs and access to available loads at the touch of a button through our digital freight platform, Werner Bridge. These opportunities create a stable business environment for our alliance carriers, providing ample room for growth as their businesses expand.

Timely Freight Payment
As a carrier, we recognize that timely payment for freight services is crucial. Therefore, we prioritize providing our alliance carriers with prompt payment options that are both reliable and convenient. Here’s a quick overview of the payment choices we offer:

Standard Pay
• No Fee
• Funds are available and released by check or ACH (electronic funds transfer) within 30 days of receipt of invoice, POD, lumper receipts, etc.
• Submit invoice and supporting documents via email, fax, USPS, UPS/FedEx
• EDI capable with indexed image transfer via FTP with sufficient volume

Quick Pay
• 1.5 percent service fee deducted from the total invoice
• Funds are available and released by check or ACH within five business days of receipt of invoice, POD, lumper receipts, etc.
• Submit invoice and supporting documents via email or fax only
• EDI capable with indexed image transfer via FTP with sufficient volume

Advance Pay
• $10 service fee per tour for all cash advances
• 40 percent of the total invoice paid at pick-up confirmation
• Advances are issued via ACH after a loaded call or email
• A carrier must notify Broker when truck is loaded
• No cash advance after empty call
• Balance of invoice is paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice, POD, lumper receipts, etc., or by Quick Pay
• If Quick Pay is requested, a 1.5 percent service fee deduction is taken from the balance of the invoice

Advance Pay with Quick Pay
This option gives you the benefit of the 40% and final payment within five business days. All instructions and fees listed above for the two payment options apply.

Short and Long-Term Power Only Solution
Apart from ensuring our alliance carriers have access to stable freight and timely payments, we also provide an innovative solution called PowerLink. PowerLink carriers are responsible for their trucks and do not have to worry about purchasing and maintaining trailers. With PowerLink, carriers gain access to our network of preferred freight, allowing them to maximize their weekly mileage with ease. Our 30,000+ trailer network provides ample loads in preferred regions across North America, including cross-border shipments.

PowerLink is a powerful offering for carriers seeking to expand their business opportunities and maximize their earning potential.

Access to Automated Freight Platform
If you’re a carrier seeking a hassle-free way to locate and book freight around the clock, Werner Bridge, our advanced carrier freight platform, is the ideal solution. With this easy-to-use digital platform, alliance carriers gain access to a range of features, including lane preferences, capacity and freight matching, and the ability to negotiate rates that are tailored to their needs and those of their drivers.

While the technology is designed for self-service, it also offers access to a team of dedicated representatives and an in-platform chat backed by Werner’s tenured carrier digital team, providing the necessary support to make your freight bookings seamless and stress-free.

Carrier Rewards Program
We place great value on our alliance carriers at Werner and are committed to recognizing and rewarding their hard work and exceptional service. Through our Werner Logistics Rewards Program, carriers can earn a range of rewards that can be used to enhance their businesses. These rewards include fuel discounts, truck purchasing programs, truck leasing programs, and much more.

Our Rewards Scorecard offers a comprehensive overview of the rewards carriers can earn by working with Werner, providing them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about how to maximize their earning potential. With the Werner Logistics Rewards Program, we aim to give carriers the support they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Werner Carrier Support Team
At Werner, we understand behind every successful carrier is a dedicated team working hard to support them. That’s why we have a carrier support team, providing personalized service and tailored solutions to each of our alliance carriers. Our mission is to support carriers as they grow, providing them with the tools and freight to reach their full potential. We recognize the importance of building lasting relationships with our alliance carriers and strive to provide exceptional service at every turn.

To become an alliance carrier, qualify now.

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