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Our Customers

Freight Management Verticals

Our business verticals offer solutions for customers in specialized market segments with similar transport requirements, industry accepted operating procedures and specific market needs that are a means of separation from a larger market segment.

  • Dedicated/single-source staffing
  • Logistics analysis, trend reporting and forecasting geared to customers' business sectors
  • Cross-functional applications between similar industry segments
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Our retail vertical involves the management and control of shipments from domestic and offshore vendors, consolidation facilities, distribution centers and store delivery shipments. Our solutions are end-to-end freight management applications that allow for unification between inbound and outbound strategies.

  • Shipment execution from small pack to truckload, to international containers
  • Vendor and supplier compliance/chargeback reporting
  • PO verification protocols
  • Routing guide compliance
  • Optimization and consolidation solutions
  • Trade compliance
  • Modeling architecture
  • Trend analysis
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Food and Beverage

Our food and beverage vertical focuses on the dynamics and specific challenges with food and beverage manufacturers. Our solutions are designed to address issues such as product safety and brand integrity, temperature requirements, product life cycles and altitude routings that are especially sensitive in the food and beverage industry.

  • Raw materials management
  • Lot and product code management and visibility
  • PO management
  • Routing guide compliance
  • Temperature controlled equipment
  • Seasonal supply and demand
  • Product recall management
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Manufacturing and Distribution

Our manufacturing and distribution vertical focuses on a broad range of industrial and non-retail distribution accounts. These accounts have varying degrees of complexity, ranging from ad-hoc shipment requests to single source supply chain solutions. These projects put a great deal of emphasis on service relating to job site deliveries, assembly line environments and JIT operations.

  • Raw materials management
  • Assembly of line-up time focus
  • Specialized equipment needs
  • Expedited global solutions
  • Rack return/dunnage disposal applications
  • Web reporting suite based on customer KPIs
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Emergency and Surge Event (E.A.S.E.) Management

Our E.A.S.E. management vertical is a short-term freight event management solution for our customers. E.A.S.E. utilizes personnel who have extensive expertise in project and event management and who specialize in short-term execution solutions. Members of our E.A.S.E. team work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop a customized plan from start to finish.

  • Natural disasters, seasonal surges, product recalls, plant movements
  • Multiple global capacity solutions
  • Dedicated staffing with 24/7 coverage
  • Werner Enterprises' TMS application
  • Customized reporting