Werner Enterprises is very proud of the diverse opportunities that are available throughout the organization. From IT specialists to accountants to customer service representatives, Werner has something for everyone. With more than 1,850 office associates, Werner is full of success stories. Here are just a few examples:

A photograph of Werner employee Erin Marsh

Werner recognizes the strengths of its associates and, as a result, I have enjoyed professional growth and even promotion to the management level.

I started with Werner in June 2000 as a qualified Recruiting assistant. In this position, I learned the qualifications of becoming a driver, processed driver background checks and confirmed drivers’ orientation and travel arrangements.

After three years, I was asked to take on the role of supervisor of Recruiting Administration. In this job, I gained knowledge of the tuition reimbursement process, trainee lodging, data entry, employment verifications and the flow of driver applications. In 2004, I had the opportunity to get back into the actual recruitment of drivers by accepting a position as a Student Recruiting assistant.

I wasn’t in this position long before I was offered a student driver recruiter position in 2005. I spent most of my career at Werner Enterprises as a student driver recruiter from 2005 to 2011. In March 2011, I was offered the position of supervisor of Student Recruiting. In a short time, I grew as a leader in this position and was promoted to manager of Student Recruiting in May 2012.

Erin Marsh
Manager of Student Recruiting — Recruiting

A photograph of Werner employeeVenu Gopal Kurva

My career at Werner has allowed me to reach my potential and explore new opportunities while focusing on what is most important to me — my family.

I have worked for Werner Enterprises the past eight and a half years. I was given a lot of opportunities to work in different roles and responsibilities. The senior management is always very approachable and receptive to new ideas. It is a great opportunity to grow by your efforts. I have understood a lot about domestic and international business through my experiences and the opportunities that have been provided to me. Flexible timing gives you an opportunity to create a perfect work life balance.

I have made several referrals and will continue to share with people I know that Werner should be on the top of their list when considering career options. The opportunity to work for Werner has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Venu Gopal Kurva
Senior PeopleSoft Developer — AIS

A photograph of Werner employee Michael Schroder

My “Werner Moment” came to me while I was thousands of miles away from my cubicle. I joined the military in 1995 and have been deployed three times since starting at Werner in 2000, including Iraq from 2004 to 2005 and 2007 to 2008 and Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012.

While stationed in Iraq, my fellow Werner associates came together to raise funds and send packages to the troops in my company. Associates volunteered their personal time to purchase supplies with funds they collected and package them into boxes.

Werner paid for the shipping, which allowed for the purchase of more products for the soldiers. Without the help of Werner Enterprises, the soldiers would not have received items that helped us make it through deployment. This happened again during my second deployment, and it meant just as much to me and the troops in my company.

Werner has always been very supportive of my service in the military, whether it be during training, deployment or while transitioning back home. I am proud to serve my country, proud to be a member of the military and proud to work for a company that supports those defending our freedoms.

Michael Schroder
Inside Sales Manager — Value Added Services

A photograph of Werner employee Michael Twigg

I have enjoyed great success at Werner. With hard work and professional development throughout my career, I am an asset to the company and play a vital role within the organization.

I began my employment with Werner Enterprises in February 2000 as a web designer. In 2001, I was promoted to project manager and gained responsibility for the Java Development Team, the ColdFusion Development Team and the .Net Development Team, respectively. In 2007, I was promoted to associate director and assumed the role of architect. In January 2012, I was promoted to director and became responsible for the SMART Transportation System and all associated development teams.

I attribute much of my initial success to hard work and a willingness to help others. I established myself as someone who could pick up new technologies quickly and propose well thought-out solutions that satisfied both the immediate need as well as the “big picture”. As I moved into management and my focus became more strategic, I encouraged an environment of openness and respect by listening to contrasting views and examining them for value, giving recognition to well thought-out ideas and trusting my people to do their job and make the correct decisions within their level of empowerment. I surround myself with good people — if they succeed, we succeed.

Michael Twigg
Director — AIS

A photograph of Werner employee Tyler Schiltz

Werner has given me the chance to enjoy a career filled with opportunity, knowledge and growth.

I started with Werner in September 2008 as a Customer Service manager. I began as a floater before becoming a regional Customer Service manager for the Houston, Louisiana and Oklahoma markets. It was my responsibility to ensure my areas were booked up with the right freight while still making sure our customers were getting the type of service they deserved and that Werner promised to deliver.

In fall 2010, I utilized my Werner knowledge to become a project manager for the Target account in Minneapolis, Minn. While there, I learned more about Werner’s different services, what it’s like to be face to face with the customer every day and how to handle KPI and deliver key messages to the customer. I now am using all of those skills as a corporate accounts region manager.

Tyler Schiltz
Region Manager-Corporate Accounts Midwest — Customer Services

A photograph of Werner employee Jessica Smith

Werner provided opportunities to set goals along my career path and experience real professional growth. I’ve enjoyed my journey, and I’m proud to have become a leader in the organization.

In 1994, I was offered a job at Werner Enterprises in Customer Service. In my first four years on after hours, I moved from an entry level position to Customer Service manager. During these years, I was going to school full time and realized working for Werner wasn’t just a job, it was a chance at a career.

My experience on after hours provided the foundation necessary to move into a load planner role. I worked the next five years as a load planner in the Midwest Regional and Canadian divisions. Load planning was fun, and there were so many quantifiable goals to achieve: revenue per truck per day, production, deadhead and on-time service. Achieving these goals allowed me to earn a Dedicated manager position, which was extremely rewarding — I literally managed my own business — and prepared me to move into an Operations supervisor role. I was an Operations supervisor for roughly eight years in Vans, Dedicated and Value Added Services. Working in our execution departments provided a unique perspective on how Werner operates and the opportunity to develop relationships with many amazing associates.

I recently was promoted to director, a goal of mine the last eight years. Without the experience I gained over 19 years, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. I never had any doubts that if I worked hard I would realize my personal goals. I attribute my success to always learning more than my current job entails, getting involved in as many projects as possible and having a good understanding of all of our departments. I am inspired when I collaborate with peers, supervisors and associates, and I have an amazing mentor.

Looking back, it is incredible to think I started in an entry level position at a local trucking company and am now a director at one of the largest transportation companies in the industry. While I have a lot to learn about my current role, my next goal is to lead a department. Every challenge is exciting, and I hope to be a leader at Werner for many years to come.

Jessica Smith
Director of Fleet Resources — Operations

A photograph of Werner employee Craig Albers

I have enjoyed a long career with Werner, learning a lot through many new challenges and opportunities along the way. Werner saw my potential and continues to value what I have to offer.

I started my career at Werner in March 1982 as a trailer mechanic before moving to nights the spring of 1985 to manage the 4-midnight shift. In 1986, I returned to the day shift to run the trailer and trailer body shops.

I promoted to trailer shop supervisor in April 1993 and trailer shop manager in March 1997. In November 1997, I promoted to director of Trailer Maintenance.

I was instrumental in the design and layout of our current trailer shop, completed in December 1999. This was a huge honor for me, because I knew the plans would improve trailer repair turnaround.

In 2009, I was asked to take over the Omaha campus. This made me a stronger employee and taught me even more about the inner workings of our tractor and tractor body shops and prep bay operations.

I’ve been empowered by the support of the Werner family, our great group of upper management, our shop foreman and managers and the fantastic group of Gra-Gar shop employees. Our mechanics have always amazed me at what they can accomplish.

Werner has given myself and many others the opportunity to advance far into the company management system. We have multiple directors and VP's that came right out of the Gra-Gar mechanic/shop positions. In all cases, true success stories!

Werner gave me the opportunity to make a lifetime career. Along the way, they gave me support and the tools necessary to be successful and have career fulfillment.

Thank you, Werner Enterprises.

Craig Albers
Director of Trailer Operations — Gra-Gar