Department Information

  • Accounting and Finance Department

    The Accounting and Finance department is responsible for preparing the monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements for each of the Company’s subsidiaries, as well as the consolidated financial statements of Werner Enterprises. The department is responsible for the quarterly report, annual report and other reporting requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the NASDAQ Stock Market, including the annual report and proxy statement.

  • Accounts Payable Department

    The Accounts Payable department is responsible for processing payments for all types of obligations incurred by the Company. There are expenses for supplies, travel, training, tractor and trailer purchases and repairs, communications, freight loads, rents, fuel, utilities, etc.

  • Accounts Receivable Department

    The Accounts Receivable department is responsible for posting customer payments against outstanding invoices in the accounts receivable system.

  • Billing Department

    The Billing department is responsible for generating invoices or freight bills for customer shipments. The department creates accurate and timely bills to our customers by reviewing information from the transportation system, rate database and imaging system.

  • Billing Customer Service Department

    The Billing Customer Service department is responsible for handling inbound customer telephone calls regarding questions or problems with freight bills, proof of delivery documents, rates, accessorial changes and billing locations.

  • Collections Department

    The Collections department is responsible for researching and investigating past-due freight bills by calling customers and inquiring the reasons for the delinquency. The department is also responsible for resolving problems relating to rate-effective dates, billing locations and communicating billing requirements to the Billing department.

  • Credit Department

    The Credit department authorizes and monitors the extension of credit to customers by obtaining credit references and credit reports, reviewing customer financial data and revising the customer's payment record and outstanding accounts-receivable history with Werner Enterprises.

  • Driver Payroll Department

    The Driver Payroll department serves approximately 9,000 drivers and owner-operators each week. The department’s mission is to pay all Company drivers and owner-operators on time with accuracy and resolve payroll issues proactively, thus providing our drivers and owner-operators the highest possible satisfaction.

    The department is divided in two groups: a consulting group, which answers driver and owner-operator questions regarding pay and a processing group, which inputs and calculates pay. The consultants receive more than 5,000 calls each week from both Company drivers and owner-operators. They provide pay information, as well as answer questions and resolve payroll and settlement issues. The processing group is responsible for inputting and processing nearly 40,000 driver trip envelopes each week, along with processing a variety of miscellaneous pay and driver bonuses. Processing specialists are responsible for the setup of deductions, reimbursements and other driver pay information, such as direct deposits, garnishments, etc. Both Company driver pay and owner-operator settlements are processed weekly.

  • Rate Analysis/Pricing Department

    The Rate Analysis/Pricing department manages all incoming telephone calls from existing and prospective customers requesting rates. The department also assists in rate-resolution and billing issues. The department performs several functions in the Marketing department.

  • Company Store

    The Company Store is a retail store open to drivers and corporate associates. Some of the items available for sale in the store are Werner Enterprises’ branded items, clothing, snacks, and gifts. Items can be purchased with cash, check, credit card or payroll deduction. You may also view and order items on

  • Fuel Department

    The Fuel department is responsible for controlling the cost of fuel. The department controls the fuel costs by limiting fueling locations to the best-priced truck stops, maintaining a MPG bonus to stimulate drivers to better MPG and identify high-idle drivers who waste fuel.

  • Input/Appointment Department

    The Input/Appointment department is responsible for inputting and scheduling all van loads. It also helps cover the Flatbed and Specialized Services departments. The marketing service affects the drivers, their productivity, equipment efficiency and customer relations.

  • Mailroom

    The mailroom is responsible for receiving, sorting and distributing all incoming and outgoing mail. The department handles all regular postage items along with UPS, overnight, FedEx, etc.

  • Permits/Prorate Department

    The Permits/Prorate department issues the licenses and permits to all of Werner Enterprises' tractors and trailers for all 48 states, Mexico and Canada.

  • Security Department

    Werner Enterprises' Security Department is responsible for providing physical security for the corporate offices and all terminals nationwide. The Corporate Security management team drafts security policies for all locations, conducts security assessments, conducts internal and criminal investigations, assists with disaster planning, acts as the liaison with local, state and federal law enforcement and provides executive protection for corporate officers.

  • Switchboard Operators Department

    The Switchboard Operators department is responsible for answering incoming calls for the entire Company. If the Werner Enterprises' associate is unavailable, the operator will assist the customer by finding another alternative.

  • Travel Department

    The Travel department is responsible for scheduling and arranging Werner Enterprises' corporate travel. It is the single point of contact for arranging commercial air, rental cars, hotel accommodations, etc. The Travel department is also responsible for reserving rental cars and hotel accommodations for corporate plane trips.

  • Werner Cafe

    The Werner Cafe is responsible for preparing and serving a variety of food to the associates of Werner Enterprises, Gra-Gar and Drivers Management. The Werner Cafe serves both breakfast and lunch (7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday) and also provides catering services.

  • Driver Recruiting Department

    The Recruiting Department is responsible for encouraging applicants to apply for positions with the Company as commercial drivers, hiring Company and owner operator commercial drivers, tracking and assisting student drivers through the training process and placing drivers in the Company positions where they are most needed.

  • Human Resources - Benefits Department

    The Benefits department is responsible for administering all medical, dental, life, vision, disability insurance, 401(k) and stock purchase plans for Werner Enterprises and its subsidiary companies. The department processes all enrollments, terminations and deductions, along with troubleshooting claims and answering benefits related questions.

  • Human Resources - Employment Department

    The Human Resources Employment department is responsible for administering all exempt and non-exempt recruiting and staffing for Werner Enterprises and Gra-Gar, LLC. This process includes interviewing applicants and selecting qualified candidates for open positions, attending career fairs, facilitating new hire paperwork and orientation, assisting management with associate issues and facilitating equal employment opportunity requirements.

  • Student Driver Training Department

    The Student Driver Training department is responsible for advancing drivers to trainers and providing them with the required training. It is also responsible for developing and delivering all of the training materials. The staff closely monitors students' progress during training and tests all trainees at the end of the program.

  • Analysis and Information Systems (AIS) Department

    The AIS department is a team of information technology professionals who deliver the future of supply chain management systems, today. This is accomplished through our supply chain management system, which provides transportation management services, optimization, B2B services and business intelligence. The Logistics Analysis team also provides our customers with network optimization solutions for their transportation network.

  • Management Information Systems (MIS) Department

    The MIS department is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining all of the programs and equipment that go along with our state-of-the-art technology. Werner Enterprises currently has AS/400 systems, RS/ 6000s, HP 9000 systems, SUN Boxes and PCs operating Windows NT and Lotus Notes.

  • Facilities Maintenance and Construction Department

    The Facilities Maintenance and Construction department is responsible for the building and grounds maintenance, repairs, remodels, new construction and environmental compliance at the global headquarters in Omaha as well as at all Werner Enterprises' affiliated facilities across the nation.

  • Trailer Shop Department

    This department maintains and repairs all trailer equipment in order to meet the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation. The Trailer Shop is responsible for a vast array of maintenance and repairs of Trailers such as removing and replacing brakes, brake drums, hubs, seals, bearings, chassis, refrigerated units, and electrical systems, as well as performing any trailer body repairs that may arise.

  • Tractor Shop Department

    This department maintains and repairs all tractor equipment in order to meet the standards set forth by the Department of Transportation. The Tractor Shop's responsibilities are to diagnose and repair all systems on a diesel tractor to include, but not limited to: engine, transmission, front axle, rear axle, suspension, air conditioning and heating, electrical, air brakes and 5th wheel systems.

  • Warranty Department

    This department ensures that warranty claims are filed properly and warranty repairs have been completed fully. In addition, this department is responsible for working closely with vendors and other departments regarding warranty related issues.

  • Parts Department

    This department identifies and deposits core/warranty items, monitor and stock selected/essential items, perform inventory count of on hand quantities, load change or delete inventory data, receive items procured by the Parts Department, issue items against repair orders, and pull items from stock bins for issue.

  • Road Breakdown Department

    This department assists company drivers in repairs, breakdowns, and repair instructions either by routing them to terminals or providing direction for on the road repairs. This department also plays a major part in the success of warranty recovery of any failed components on Werner Equipment.

  • Prep Bay Department

    This department oversees all trade packages and all aspects of truck preparation (unit number assignment, repair, setting engine specs, decal installation, Qualcomm installation, EMMP, flaps, radios, and any additional equipment needed.) Also, responsibilities of this department include tracking all trucks that are designated to the Prep Bay to be sold or traded. This includes ensuring that all equipment has been properly installed, getting the unit to the dealer for any warranty work, and ultimately signing off on completion of unit.

  • Body Shop Department

    This department is responsible for minor and major wrecked truck repairs. This includes repairs to Werner Enterprises fleet trucks, owner operator trucks, and Fleet Sales trucks. The Tractor Body Shop technicians repair all systems, cabs and chassis as well as paint repaired and installed parts.

  • Alignment Bay Department

    This department aligns and balances each truck for the best possible tire wear. In addition, the Alignment Bay is responsible for disassembling chassis and truck bodies to make frames accessible to frame straightening equipment. The Alignment Department function effects tractor safety, tire wear and fuel mileage.

  • Reclaim Center Department

    This department provides new and used parts to all of Werner Enterprises' outside facilities. This department works closely with outside vendors and customers in order to provide the company with the highest quality used and new parts such as in-house manufactured fiberglass, manufactured metal, manufactured plastic, and various shop equipment.

  • Tire Bay Department

    This department properly mounts and dismounts tractor/trailer tires. In addition, the department ensures inventory control on all tires that are in stock as well as performing Quality Assurance Checks: Sorting through tires to allocate tires for selling, recapping, or discontinuing.

  • Wash Bay Department

    This department washes, rinses, and cleans the interior and exterior of all company equipment ensuring all duties performed meet the standards set forth by the company management.

  • Brokerage Department

    The Brokerage department is responsible for moving hundreds of committed freight loads on a daily basis and negotiating with carriers' rates to maximize profit. This is a fast-paced department that negotiates, closes deals and ensures that customer service commitments are met. The Brokerage department consists of freight brokers and customer service associates, who track loads and enter data to support the freight brokers.

  • Value Added Services Department

    The Value Added Services department identifies logistics opportunities and provides integrated supply chain solutions. They provide a host of services, develop product level visibility and improve service levels.

    Utilizing our proprietary TMS software, SMART, Freight Management associates manage customer accounts which have varying degrees of complexity ranging from ad-hoc shipment requests to single source supply chain solutions. Accounts are divided into business verticals which are specialized market segments, whose external customer base has similar transport requirements, industry accepted operating procedures and specific market needs. These verticals include Food and Beverage, Manufacturing and Distribution, Retail and Emergency and Surge Event (E.A.S.E.) Management. Freight Management experts must have knowledge of all transportation modes including the Van, Intermodal, Expedited, Air and Ocean, Dedicated, Flatbed, LTL, Temperature Control and Brokerage Services.

  • Werner Canada

    Werner Canada is a third-party provider and offers all the Werner Enterprises services into the 10 provinces of Canada. Werner Enterprises Canada Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Werner Enterprises and offers cross-border transportation solutions in the areas of dry van, flatbed, TCU, logistics and dedicated services. Werner Enterprises Canada has developed strategic alliances with leading truckload and rail carriers to extend its reach to all points in Canada. The Canada office is located in Milton, Ontario, and has drop yards and trailer pools strategically placed in each market to service our customers' needs.

  • Werner Global Logistics

    As a newer venture and division of Werner Enterprises, Werner Global Logistics has been an active Freight Forwarder and NVOCC for the last five years, showing exponential annual growth in full and partial ocean container imports and exports, international air freight shipments and North American expedites. Werner Global Logistics has its own offices in the United States, Mexico, Canada, China and Australia as well as partner agents in 581 major cities/ports worldwide.

  • Werner de México

    Werner de México is an extension of Werner Enterprises' localized services into the country of Mexico. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Werner Enterprises, and offers cross-border transportation solutions in logistics, flatbeds, TCUs and standard dry vans. The services include picking up and delivering freight seamlessly throughout North America. Werner de México has offices and associates in numerous cities at the border and the interior of Mexico.

  • Corporate Business Development Department

    The Corporate Business Development department is responsible for the design, implementation and support of crucial customer relationship management software. The department provides research for the bid process, implements business analysis reporting and oversees materials and technology training to help generate sales, including Blackberry support.

  • Corporate Communications Department

    The Corporate Communications department is responsible for the overall branding and identity of the Company through its communication media. The department creates and oversees the materials necessary (print, Web site, video, audio and copy center) to accomplish the Company's mission and provides input and expertise to ensure the Company's objectives are reinforced within its communications. The department also oversees any media communication.

  • Marketing Department

    The Marketing department is responsible for managing, soliciting, assisting and maintaining our established customer base by acting as a liaison between the customer and other departments within the Company. This includes handling requests for loads and all customer-service functions needed to ensure customer satisfaction, high-production levels, on-time delivery and minimal deadhead. It also administers the assigning of trucks to loads, including the prioritization of loads based on customer requirements, commitments, tractor production, trailer utilization, driver home requests and deadhead by using the AS/400 system.

    The Marketing department is divided into geographical areas. Long Haul Van areas include: South and Mexico, East, Midwest, West and Canada. Short Haul Regional handles shuttles, inner city and intrastate deliveries, including: West, South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast regions. Team Werner is responsible for servicing customers that require team transit. In addition, the department's national account representatives manage all customer needs for a select group of customers regardless of the area of origin. Finally, marketing network optimization utilizes the Company's information systems to carve out lanes of opportunity, ensuring more frequent and accurate home time for our drivers.

  • Fleet Assignment Department

    The Fleet Assignment department is responsible for assigning all Company tractors to drivers. It is responsible for assigning equipment to all new hires, teams and students completing the training program and the current drivers upgrading to a newer model truck. In addition, they monitor all equipment on the road and replacing older tractors from the fleet with new ones.

  • Fleet Resources Department

    Fleet Resources is responsible for trailer-asset management for all services within Werner Enterprises. This includes: accurate trailer inventories, revenue, production, system allocation, trailer-to-truck ratio guidelines and trailer detention billings.

  • Fleet Truck Sales Department

    The Fleet Truck Sales department began in 1992 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Werner Enterprises. It is responsible for selling the Company-owned tractors and trailers as each tractor reaches the end of its replacement cycle. The equipment is sold to other freight carriers in need of late-model, well-maintained equipment. The department has grown from one location in Omaha to 10 locations throughout the U.S.

  • Intermodal Department

    The Intermodal department handles loads that are moved via truck and rail. This department works with railroads and dray carriers to support customers and ensures timely delivery of their freight.

  • Operations Department

    The Operations department is responsible for managing the driver workforce. As a 24-hour operation, the department handles all driver concerns and issues. The staff communicates with the drivers via Qualcomm and by telephone while working with drivers in our effort to deliver our customers freight on time and safely.

  • Specialized Services Department

    The Specialized Services department is responsible for providing on-site management and specialized equipment and services. The department also creates reports customized to each individual customer's needs. The department was recently named one of the top three Dedicated Contract Carriers by Transport Topics. Werner Enterprises' Specialized Services combines transportation professionals and proprietary information systems to create optimal freight solutions, provide on-site management, specialized equipment and services. Our services are comprised of more than 3,100 tractors operating in over 120 fleets. Specialized Services has roughly 85 fleets managed on-site and 35 fleets that are managed out of our global headquarters in Omaha, Neb. The account sizes range from one to over 700 tractors.

  • Contracts Department

    The primary responsibility of the Contracts department is to review and analyze all contracts with respect to liability and risk exposure, as well as business issues. The main focus is on shipper-carrier agreements provided by the other party, but also encompasses various types of agreements including, but not limited to, brokerage, trailer interchange, confidentiality and logistics agreements, as well as equipment and real estate leases.

  • Log Department

    The Log department provides 24/7 log support to ensure compliance under all of the hours of service regulations. The department is responsible for ensuring drivers do not exceed the hours of service as required by the Department of Transportation. The department counsels the drivers on any violations, as well as provides information on load-delivery requirements.

  • Risk/Workers' Compensation Department

    The Risk/Workers' Compensation department is responsible for handling all workers' compensation cases for Werner Enterprises and its subsidiary companies. It is responsible for all of the documentation and communication involved with each workers' compensation claim while complying with all OSHA regulations. It also handles the cargo claims from damaged freight.

  • Safety Department

    Ensuring our drivers and the motoring public get home safely is our top priority. The Safety department provides 24/7 assistance to our drivers, the motoring public and law enforcement through our Driver Hotline. In addition, the safety team is responsible for all driver training materials as well as ensuring compliance with the applicable Federal Regulations and Company Policy.

  • Corporate Legal

    The main purpose of the Corporate Legal Department is to research and analyze all general legal issues affecting the Company in order to provide legal advice, counsel, and representation on general legal matters. In addition, the Department also participates in the development of corporate policies and procedures.

  • Litigation

    The main purpose of the Litigation Department is to provide advice to the Risk Department on legal matters relating to the liability claims, workers' compensation, and cargo claims, to supervise outside counsel on litigation involving significant exposure to the Company, and to obtain adequate insurance coverage.