Our Fleet

At Werner Enterprises, the only place you'll find old trucks is in our museum. Werner Enterprises is well known throughout the industry for having one of the newest fleets of late-model, high-horsepower, satellite-equipped tractors and trailers with the latest safety, efficiency and driver comfort features.

This modern, premium fleet coupled with Werner Enterprises' comprehensive preventive maintenance program, results in clean, professional-looking equipment, maximum cargo capacity, and minimal equipment downtime. Werner plans to continue its policy of operating a modern fleet to attract and retain experienced drivers and minimize maintenance expenses.

Maintaining a new fleet results in:

  • Increased driver satisfaction and retention
  • Benefits of latest engine technology to improve fuel efficiency
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Excellent resale value for driver-preferred well-maintained trucks
  • Higher horsepower maintains consistent productivity over various road grades
  • Provide better on-time service to our customers and less downtime
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