Electronic Logging Device

The Electronic Logging Device changes the way drivers and the transportation industry view trucking.

In June 1998, Werner Enterprises became the first carrier to implement electronic logs, replacing traditional paper logbooks used by drivers to record work hours and activities.

In September 2004, Werner was the first and only carrier granted exemption from running paper logbooks.

The Electronic Logging Device, connected via satellite through the Omnitracs, Inc. and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), helps drivers use their time efficiently. The system enables load planners, fleet managers and drivers to pre-plan load assignments to maximize productivity within the legal driving hours-of-service limits.

Photograph of paperless log system device

Enhance Efficiency

The Electronic Logging Device works so drivers don't have to. By using position history and Omnitracs messages, the system tracks daily logs.

This means real-time information at drivers' fingertips. When partnered with Werner's projection system, we can pre-plan the next trip that can be legally run based on available hours.

Thousands of drivers can attest to the system's efficiency. Without the hassle of completing paper logbooks, Werner drivers focus on what they do best - driving.

Increase Production

Experience has proven this system increases drivers' production. Instead of waiting for drivers to provide an update on their availability, Werner can plan the next trip according to the information already provided.

Unlike other carriers, Werner has real-time information and doesn't need to wait for paper logs. This allows us to assign loads and maximize all available hours for our drivers.

Werner has used this satellite-based log system for years to dispatch loads to our drivers. Due to better planning, driver miles have increased instead of decreased. The system allows managers to pre-plan and assign loads based on accurate future and available driving hours to maximize time on the road.

No more lines. No more math. Drivers can view their hours by simply pressing a button.

More Money

Werner's Electronic Logging Device:

  • More time at your fingertips
  • More miles in your day
  • More money in your pocket

Drivers no longer need to draw lines or manually calculate the work hours available in an eight-day work period. Entries are made from the information transmitted from the trucks via satellite so drivers can focus on driving without the aggravation of completing paper logbooks.

Originally introduced in 1998 to all Werner drivers, the system is still going strong in all Company and owner operator trucks.

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