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Pay & Detention Requirements

Pay Requirements

To ensure prompt payment, please send your invoice to:

Werner Value Added Services
Attn: Customer/Shipper
P.O. Box 45916
Omaha, NE 68145

You may also fax or email your invoice and backup documentation to us:

Fax: 402.894.3837 (for new and current invoices only) or 402.894.3887 (for statements and past due invoices)

Quick Pay Fax: 402.894.3728

Email: This email is for standard pay invoices only. We prefer PDF files and one attachment per email, but you can include multiple invoices in the attachment if needed as long as they do not exceed 15 MB. Please send the documents in the following order: invoice, tour/rate confirmation sheet, backup docs (bol/pod, lumper receipts, etc...). Quick Pay invoices can be emailed to following the same rules. Payment inquiries and questions can be emailed to

The following information is required for payment:

  • Tour #
  • Signed Proof of Delivery
  • Signed Tour Confirmation Form

Please note that the amount you are invoicing Werner VAS must match the amount authorized on the signed tour confirmation form. If you incur additional charges and/or delivery requires a change to the amount, you must obtain a revised tour confirmation form with the additional/revised charges reflected. Failure to do so may result in the short payment/non-payment of your invoice.

If there are any questions regarding your invoice, please contact Werner Value Added Services Accounts Payable Department at 800.228.2240 ext. 4596.

Detention Requirements

Werner VAS Carrier Detention Procedures

It is imperative these procedures are followed in order to ensure proper payment for detention that is incurred while working a Werner Value Added Services load. If we do not have proper notification of detention, we may not be able to get notification to and approval from our customer which means we may not be able to guarantee your payment.

Please follow the following procedure when in a detention situation:


  1. Carrier is to notify VAS Detention Contact (see below) 60 minutes prior to the free time expiration period so Werner VAS can notify customer of a potential detention situation.
  2. Carrier must provide the following information:
    • VAS Tour #
    • Scheduled Appointment Time
    • Driver Arrival Time
  3. After detention has occurred, carrier must also provide:
    • Driver Unload Time
    • Number of hours of detention
    • Detention charges

Contact: VAS Detention
Phone: 800.228.2240 ext. 4348; Fax 866.623.4213.

Note - VAS Guidelines: Minimum Two Hours Free Time, dependant upon the account you are hauling for. Werner VAS deals with many shippers, and all do not have the same requirements!

If detention situation occurs after hours, on a weekend or holiday, notification to VAS Detention must occur no later than the next business day.


The responsible (booking) project / broker contact will re-issue the corrected Tour Confirmation Form with the applicable detention dollars and send to the carrier of record. A properly executed Tour Confirmation Form is mandatory for the carrier to be paid. If you do not receive a corrected Tour Confirmation Form from the booking project/broker contact showing detention charges, call them and ensure you receive one. It is your guarantee of payment for the detention.

Any deviation in the above policy can result in a non-payment of detention charges.